School -Rennes School of Business receives the “Welcome to France” label

Rennes School of Business receives the “Welcome to France” label

Rennes School of Business has recently acquired the “Welcome to France” label, a certification issued by Campus France which attests to the quality of our international student support services.

Following the third labelling commission, which took place on 4th December 2019, Rennes School of Business is one of 57 French educational facilities to be awarded this label, among just 8 major business schools. “This recognition of the welcome we give to international students at Rennes School of Business comes in addition to the school’s recent progress in both the French and international school rankings, confirming its academic and international excellence” adds Arnaud Le Mérour, Chief Marketing Officer.

Recognition of the quality of our student welcome

The label, issued by Campus France, attests to the quality of welcome given to our international students. Rennes School of Business responds to the certification’s requirements in terms of the quality and accessibility of information for international students, our support services (orientation, integration, advising, etc.), academic programs, housing, the quality of campus life and the post-graduation follow-up of international students. The label is valid for a 4-year period.

A source of information about our student support services

The “Welcome to France” label offers international students the assurance of a national standard and lets them know that they are benefiting from one of the best and most accessible higher education systems in the world. The label acts as an information tool for international students about how the school’s support systems work, it highlights the initiatives taken by the school on behalf of its international community and reflects the steps taken to improve the quality of international support services within the French education system.

Welcoming international students, a priority for Rennes SB

The welcome and satisfaction of our international students, both during and after their studies, is one of the pillars of the new 2018-2023 strategic plan within the school. “At Rennes School of Business, the notion of international distinction is part of the school’s very identity. It is for this reason that the support we give to our international students has been recognised by Campus France,” says Santiago Garcia Rodriguez, Dean Global School.