School -Rennes School of Business: a new partnership with Secure IC

Rennes School of Business: a new partnership with Secure IC

Rennes School Business signs its new partnership with Secure IC, a Rennes-based cybersecurity company launched by a member of our Alumni and former student of the EMBA programme.

This year, in 2021, Rennes School of Business has signed a new partnership with Secure IC, a highly international company specialising in global cybersecurity and based in the Rennes Region. The company was founded by Hassan Triqui, a member of the Rennes SB Alumni Association and a former student of the EMBA programme.

With an international presence and customers in 20 different countries throughout the five continents, Secure-IC is a major player in the French ecosystem, providing complete cybersecurity solutions for embedded systems and connected objects worldwide.

Hassan recently met with the teams at Rennes SB and recorded a podcast about his career and how it led to the founding of a hugely successful company.

Listen to this episode of the podcast here (in French) to hear more about Hassan’s career!

A School that is engaged with issues of cybersecurity

An increasingly digital world leads to an increase in the risk of hacking and cyber threats. This, in turn, has naturally led to a surge in new technologies and research in the realm of cyber risk and security.

Rennes School of Business is extremely engaged with issues of cybersecurity and founded its Chair in Cyber-Risk Governance in 2020 with Dr Julien Nocetti. The chair aims to address the diverse implications of cyber risk and has a mission to:

  • Position the School as a recognised player in cyber risk issues
  • Create specific expertise dedicated to the financial sector
  • Integrate all the implications of cyber risk: regulatory, economic, technological and managerial
  • Produce expertise and human resources
  • Anticipate crisis management through forward vision

In September 2021, the School also launched a new specialised track in the first year of the Programme Grande Ecole with a focus on “Global Tech and Cybersecurity”.

For more about the importance of cybersecurity in the modern age, listen to Julien Nocetti in an episode of a podcast series on crisis management, created in partnership with Major Prepa. Julien Nocetti talks about the importance of cyber defence in modern companies, which professional sectors are the most affected by cyber-attacks, and why! The episode is available in French.

Listen to the podcast now