School -Rennes School of Business launches the first edition of its Unframed Awards

Rennes School of Business launches the first edition of its Unframed Awards

The Unframed Awards are a new Rennes School of Business competition that rewards the School’s most “Unframed Thinking” projects.

Rennes School of Business wants to encourage students to reflect on the School’s Unframed values: freedom, creativity, boldness, humility and openness.

The Unframed Awards are dedicated to Rennes SB final-year students (IBPM3, PGE3, MSc-MAIB) who have carried out a project during their time at the School, either on their own or in a group.

The selected projects will be voted on and chosen by other students in one of the four following categories:

  • Boldness Award: for students who dare to believe in themselves and their ideas, and refuse to give up
  • Openness Award: for students inspired by human diversity and collaboration
  • Creativity Award: dedicated to students who are THE benchmark for creativity
  • CSR Award: for students who are convinced that we need to initiate lasting changes now in order to change society and protect the planet

Visuel Unframed Awards carré

For each category, the School will pre-select a maximum of 5 projects. These 20 projects will be the ones that best represent Rennes SB’s Unframed Thinking values.

Participation and schedule:

  • Applications will be accepted by email until 14 February 2021.
  • The projects selected for each category will be announced by email on 9 March 2021 and the voting platform will be opened! Votes will be accepted from 9-21 March 2021.
  • Each student will be allowed one vote per category.
  • The results will be announced during the week of 22 March 2021.