School -TEDxRennes: “Unframed Thinking” and ideas to change the world

TEDxRennes: “Unframed Thinking” and ideas to change the world

Rennes School of Business is an official sponsor of this 10th edition of the TEDxRennes events which will take place on 25 September 2021.

On 25 September 2021, Rennes School of Business will be an official sponsor of the 10th edition of TEDxRennes!

TEDxRennes: ideas to change the world

TED talks have gained notoriety since TED was founded in 1984 as a source of ideas, inspiration and collaboration among like-minded individuals around the globe. These events provide an opportunity for people to meet up, share, debate and discuss ideas… that might one day change the world.

The TEDx conferences are a range of independently organised TED events that have gained traction in different communities, particularly in Rennes which is one of the largest TEDx communities in both France and Europe!

Inventing the future starts with looking at the present, differently:

At Rennes School of Business, students are taught to be able to evolve outside the traditional models to invent the world of tomorrow, as highlighted by the School’s “Unframed Thinking” motto. Rennes SB prepare its students to become innovative and responsible managers in a global environment and who will have a positive impact on the world around them.

Rennes School of Business’ decision to sponsor TEDxRennes is therefore coherent with the School’s strategy of thinking differently and working together in order to promote individual and collective change.

According to Arnaud Le Merour, Chief Marketing Officer of Rennes School of Business:

We are an extremely international school. This is what really sets us apart, it is part of our DNA. This event is an opportunity for us to illustrate the extent to which our school has remained connected to its territory: Rennes, and more broadly, the Brittany region. We are working intensively to strengthen our link with local companies and institutions which is one of the reasons that led us to support an event such as TEDxRennes.

We want this sponsorship to be strong and cross-cutting. Our aim is to decompartmentalise our actions and ensure that our partnerships are open and creative and that they go far beyond simply funding or hosting an event. To this end, we intend to open our doors to the events of the Bretagne ID Large association and of course wish to encourage our students, our academic teams and all staff to take an interest in the concept and the subjects mentioned.”

TEDxRennes in numbers

  • 13150 spectators
  • 110 talks
  • 130 volunteers