School -Unframed Thinking at Rennes School of Business

Unframed Thinking at Rennes School of Business

At Rennes School of Business, we believe that students shouldn’t be locked within an educational framework, but instead, they should be given the tools they need to think outside the box

Inventing the future starts with looking at the present, differently:

Yesterday’s solutions are not always the answer to the challenges of tomorrow. At Rennes School of Business, it is our mission is to reveal managerial talents in a multiverse world and become one of the most innovative, responsible and resilient Business Schools in Europe.

As our society moves forward, we are confronted with new challenges every day. More particularly, the context of the global pandemic during the past year has demonstrated first-hand the rapidity and agility with which we need to be able to adapt and grow. The School showed proof of its adaptability and innovation by being the first School in France to implement its ELive teaching solution to ensure educational continuity for its students, whatever the context.

At Rennes SB, our values emphasise the importance of thinking differently and breaking with convention:

  • Freedom. At Rennes SB, students are encouraged to become unframed thinkers that refuse to remain confined by traditional conventions and leave the current models behind;
  • Creativity. Reinstating the value of the “idea” is at the very heart of our activity: knowing how to leave the beaten track in order to create new models;
  • Boldness. We aim to invent the world of tomorrow by empowering ourselves to go where no one has gone before;
  • Humility. This is the essential counterpart of boldness: Go where no one has gone before, but never think you have actually arrived, or take yourself for something you are not. Humility also means allowing yourself the right to be wrong and learning from failure in order to bounce back; and
  • Openness. Inspiration is always there, before our very eyes, so it is essential to immerse ourselves in the world around us, to be able to learn and understand in a different way.

Rather than asking, ‘why,’ we must dare to ask, ‘why not?’

Educational innovation is at the heart of Rennes SB’s activities. The School has a deep strategic commitment to high quality, impactful research that will contribute to the progress of the future, highlighted by the four Areas of Excellence:

  • Agribusiness (Agribusiness, Sustainable Development and CSR)
  • AI-Driven Business (Intelligence, Data-Driven Global Business)
  • Green, Digital & Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management (G3D)
  • mïnd (meaning, institutions and collective intelligence, information diffusion, networks and decision-making)

Today, more than ever, we must work together to build a greener, more sustainable future. Rennes School of Business aims to deploy its Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (SD&CSR) policy at all levels and within all activities of the School.

Every Rennes SB student completes at least one introductory course to CSR or Business Ethics. In addition to the CSR-focused courses, certain courses have a more particular focus on a specialised CSR topic such as Sustainable Consumption, Corporate Sustainability Reporting or Information Systems Support for Environmental Sustainability.

Thinking beyond the frame means opening one’s mind towards other cultures:

The new ‘Unframed Campus’

More than just introducing our students to the world, we bring the world to Rennes. The Rennes School of Business community is made up of over 70 different nationalities. With 55% international students* and 95% international Faculty, it is our priority to help every member of our community to discover the best of France during their time with us and to help them see Rennes as a second home. The School’s new campus in Paris provides an extra foothold for students and Alumni that are keen to connect with businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the world!

With over 300 partner universities worldwide, Rennes SB believes in facilitating a campus without borders. At Rennes School of Business, students learn in an international environment from their first year all the way to their graduation and have the opportunity to study abroad during winter sessions, exchange programmes and double degrees, immersing themselves in a completely new culture – the best way to learn about life and business in different countries.

Now, more than ever, the world belongs to the open-minded:

Encouraging students to think outside the box since 2014, the Innostart incubator at Rennes School of Business aims to discover and develop the creative potential and entrepreneurial talent of our students and use specially adapted educational resources to foster innovation.

Have you heard of Newcy, the leading CSR solution for reusable cups? What about Marché Delice, an online delivery platform for independent food outlets in Rennes? Steeple provides in-house communication solutions, JABI aims to bring different generations together through mutual hobbies and interests while EWA generates commercial activities for professional athletes by improving their online reputation.
* This figure represents the ratio of international students on the Rennes campus to the population present, and is one element of the effective multicultural experience.