School -Why should you choose a French Grande École?

Why should you choose a French Grande École?

Nearly 90% of graduates from Grandes Écoles are hired within six months, with 86% hired less than two months after graduation, according to the 28th CGE survey on graduate recruitment from Grandes Écoles.

Throughout France, “Grandes Écoles” are certified establishments that provide training programmes and academic excellence up to Bac+8 level (8 years of higher education following the French secondary school baccalaureate qualification). “Grandes Écoles de Management” offer training courses that are part of the L.M.D. scheme. (Bachelor – Master- Doctorate): Bachelor (Bac+3), Grande École Programme (Bac+5), International Masters (Bac+5) and PhD programmes (PhD, Bac+8).

Rennes SB is one of 238 schools certified by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, a French association that recognises high-quality educational institutions that are certified by the French government. French “Grandes Écoles” are generally identified by their excellent teaching methods, close links with companies and research, international connections, a wide choice of student associations, cultural and sporting activities, and their commitment to social values, such as solidarity, equality and environmental protection.

Academic excellence

The quality of teaching at top business schools is recognised throughout the academic and professional worlds. Rennes School of Business seeks to prepare its students to become innovative and responsible managers in a global environment through a combination of specialised and market-oriented educational programmes and a focus on educational innovation. These future managers are trained to become responsible pioneers that have been shaped and sharpened during a multicultural, human experience.

The School’s triple EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA accreditation attests to the quality of its programmes. This prestigious accreditation, shared by only 1% of Business Schools worldwide, means that Rennes SB students benefit from some of the highest global academic standards.

A rich choice of student associations

Participating in one of Rennes SB’s 25 student associations is an integral part of the 1st year of the Grande École Master’s Programme (PGE) and the International Bachelor Programme in Management (IBPM). These associations give students the opportunity to experiment with professional experiences such as teamwork, managing other students and developing projects in an operational context, helping to prepare them for their first experience in a company.

At Rennes SB, student associations are divided into 5 sectors of activity: Art and Culture, Business, Humanitarian and Social, Sports and Student Life, meaning that every student is able to participate in a project that they are passionate about.

An international focus

At Rennes SB, students work and learn on a cosmopolitan campus in an international environment and begin to build a professional network with students from all over the world from the first day of their programme.

With 55% international students and 95% international professors, English is an essential language of communication at the School. During the International Bachelor Programme in Management, students can study progressively in a mix of French and English or choose the 100% English track from their first year. Our master’s programmes are taught 100% in English throughout the course.

Students can put their linguistic skills to the test during academic exchanges in one of the School’s 300 partner universities, during which they will be immersed in a totally different culture and language – the best way to understand daily life in different countries.

International mobility is at the heart of the Grande Ecole experience, and the careers of our graduates illustrate the strong international identity of Rennes SB: more than 63% of graduates work in internationally oriented positions (international strategy, international marketing, international development, etc.) and 33% are based abroad.

Boost your employability

According to the 2020 CGE Survey (in French) on graduate recruitment from Grandes Écoles, business schools are proven to boost their graduates’ employability: 88.1% of young graduates from Grandes Écoles are hired less than 6 months after graduation and 85.7% are recruited before leaving school or within 2 months of graduation, with attractive salaries.

At Rennes SB, 62% of students are hired before they leave the School and 95% find a job within six months of graduation. Preparing students for a professional career is a priority at Rennes SB and events, meetings, conferences and workshops are organised throughout the year to help students construct a solid career plan and position themselves on the employment market.

The Rennes SB Corporate Days are organised four times a year, during which students attend various professional events such as conferences, recruitment forums, round tables, career workshops, business games, business cases and individual coaching sessions.

Internships: practice is the best type of theory

Learning on the ground during an internship is a key part of the learning experience. At Rennes SB, students are able to spend a significant amount of time in an internship, helping them to put the theory they have obtained during lessons into practice:

  • IBPM students complete 8-9 months of internship (with 1 internship per year in France or abroad).
  • Students of the Programme Grande Ecole carry out at least 8 months of internship over the 3 years of the programme.
  • MSc students benefit from 4-6 months of internship.

An international Alumni network

With its extensive international network, the Rennes SB Alumni Association gives students and graduates the opportunity to benefit from a multitude of activities and services, including job and internship offers, conferences and presentations by professional speakers.
Currently, the Rennes School of Business Alumni network represents:

  • Over 25, 000 alumni (French & international) in over 100 countries
  • Around 80 events organised per year
  • Over 7,500 job and internship offers in 2020

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