News -2020 edition of the Grande Ecole Programme “Design Sprint” at Rennes School of Business

2020 edition of the Grande Ecole Programme “Design Sprint” at Rennes School of Business

At the start of the 2020-2021 academic year, Rennes School of Business reinvented its Design Sprint to incorporate a mix of physical and digital resources. Sponsored by BreizhGo (SNCF), this fifth edition of the Design Sprint resulted in the development of 90 solutions suggested by our students for the promotion of eco-responsible modes of transport to 18-26-year olds.

From 7th to 9th September 2020, the 723 new first-year students of the Grande École Programme at Rennes School of Business spent three days dedicated to Design Thinking. Their objective was to offer innovative solutions to boost the attractiveness of TER train services to 18-26-year olds, with the objective of promoting train travel as a more sustainable alternative to other less eco-responsible modes of transport.

 “We are always looking for something new, products that really meet our customers’ needs. Since we are in a school and therefore working with an 18-26-year age range, we have given these students the chance to tell us what their TER of the future might be,” explains Dominique Chuffart, Director of Communication and Territorial Relations at SNCF.

Supported by facilitators and the company Ignited Kingdom, 90 teams of students worked on solutions related to services, technology and customer experience. The winning project was chosen due to its “User Experience”, which combines TER BreizhGo with content services and allows travellers free access to video and music streaming sites, as well as e-books during their journey.