News -5 Pumas Challenge: the 1st edition of our 100% remote digital hackathon

5 Pumas Challenge: the 1st edition of our 100% remote digital hackathon

We take a look back at the recent digital hackathon dedicated to master’s students at Rennes School of Business.

First edition dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

This successful first edition of the 5 Pumas Challenge was held on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd October 2020.

During the event, 650 of our PGE3, double degree and master’s students took part in a Design Thinking and CSR inspired event, in close collaboration with our partner Groupe Rocher. The students worked on a concrete business case to design a product offer strategy for emerging countries.

This new back-to-school event was instigated by the Rennes School of Business’ Talents & Career department and was intended to welcome returning French students back to school, whilst facilitating the integration of new international students. The event also allows our strategic partner, Groupe Rocher, to benefit from the multicultural vision of the students of Rennes SB.

“As you know, the world is changing, and students must adapt. it’s part of our mission to prepare our students to become responsible and innovative managers in a global world. The 5 pumas challenge will contribute to this objective.” says Andrea Stephan-Blondel, Director of the Rennes School of Business Talents & Career department.

100% remote: an unprecedented format

In the current global context, and due to the fact that 50% of our third-year students are international, Rennes School of Business decided on a 100% remote format for this event. The 130 teams of 5 students were able to collaborate easily despite the geographical distance, thanks to the facilitation support from our partners Axys Consultants and Klaxoon.

Key figures:

  • 650 students across 5 continents
  • 130 teams of 5 students
  • 3 days of digital hackathon
  • 3 partners: Groupe Rocher – Klaxoon – Axys Consultants
  • 1 business case: Groupe Rocher / CSR
  • 100% remote with Klaxoon and Teams
  • 1st edition
  • Dates: 1st, 2nd and 3rd October 2020

Discover the video of the event and the shared experiences from students around the world who participated in this 1st edition of the 5 Pumas Challenge.