News -The Rennes School of Business Bachelor Programme in the Top 5 of the L’Etudiant 2021 ranking

The Rennes School of Business Bachelor Programme in the Top 5 of the L’Etudiant 2021 ranking

The International Bachelor Programme in Management placed 2nd for international identity and 3rd for professional integration

Rennes School of Business placed 5th in the recent L’Etudiant 2021 ranking of bachelor’s in management, achieving a particularly strong score in the international identity and professional integration categories.

This edition of the rankings was based on the programmes of 40 top management schools throughout France.

Amongst the key criteria that were considered for this ranking were:

  • Academic excellence
  • International identity
  • Corporate relations
  • Professional integration
  • Social open-mindedness
  • The origins of participants 

The International Bachelor Programme in Management (IBPM) is a 3-year Bachelor degree that provides a solid academic and practical foundation in business management and operations, whilst preparing them to enter the job market or to pursue their studies at master’s level, in France or overseas.

2nd for international identity

Adding a particularly international dimension to the programme, a 100% English track is now available for study at Rennes SB. Students from all over the world are able to come together in Rennes and learn about international management.

3rd for professional integration

Rennes SB retains close connections with the corporate world in Brittany, throughout France and around the world. During the IBPM programme, students complete a minimum of eight months of internship with one internship per year in France or abroad. At Rennes SB, we believe that practice is the best type of theory, and students are able to apply the theoretical knowledge learned during their classes into practice during these first professional experiences.

Students are able to benefit from both collective and individualised coaching sessions throughout the programme and attend the Rennes SB Corporate Days four times a year, an occasion for students to attend diverse career-oriented events such as conferences, roundtables, workshops, business games, business cases and recruitment forums in order to build their knowledge and their networks.