News -A combination of eLive and on-site learning from September 2021

A combination of eLive and on-site learning from September 2021

As the health situation evolves, a series of measures have been in place for the new 2021-2022 School year, in order to ensure the safety, well-being and pedagogical continuity of our students.

In accordance with the most recent governmental recommendations and the evolution of the health situation, a blended learning approach will be put in place for the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year at Rennes School of Business, with lessons organised both on-site and online.

How will classes be organised for each programme?

  • BiM1 & 2: rotation between LinkUp Live & on-site learning
  • PGE1 & 2, PGE2 work-study students, HBBA, exchange students level 4: rotation between LinkUp Live & on-site learning
  • PGE3, BiM work-study students: school weeks either on Teams or on-site, depending on the programme calendar
  • BiM3, PGE3, MSc*, exchange students level 3 & 5: rotation between eLive & on-site learning
  • MSc students on the Paris campus (work-study or full-time): mostly face-to-face, on-site, remote learning for language courses in Paris
  • Language classes: remote learning for PGE1, PGE2, BiM1 et BiM2. Face-to-face for French language classes (international students on-site and remote learning for students abroad). Face-to-face classes for students in PGE1/PGE21 who are learning a third language.
*For MSc programmes in partnership with other institutions (IE, MPCCD, SMEI) teaching conditions may vary according to the partner institution when the classes take place outside of the Rennes SB campus.
**LV1 and LV2 classes for PGE2 students will take place remotely as presence on-site is not required.


The current organisation has been implemented according to the limitations of the current health situation. The progressive evolution of the epidemic may allow the conditions to be lifted for a gradual return to on-site learning.

Classes will resume in a combination of eLive and on-site learning for students, starting from Monday 30 August 2021, in compliance with health regulations.

For up-to-date information, or to contact the school, visit the Aloha Square webpage by clicking below!