News -Le Point 2021 ranking: Rennes SB stands out for its educational support and international identity   

Le Point 2021 ranking: Rennes SB stands out for its educational support and international identity   

Rennes School of Business is 3rd in the ranking for multicultural environment and 5th for the quality of educational support 

Le Point has recently published its annual ranking of the 37 French Grandes Écoles of Management.

In this competitive ranking, Rennes School of Business particularly stands out in two criteria: multicultural environment (3rd place) and the high level of teaching support (5th place), both of which represent the quality of the school.

3rd / +9 places* in the “international” section of the ranking:

with 55% international students and 95% international professors, Rennes School of Business is one of the most international management schools in France.

5th / +15 places* for the “quality of educational support”:

the educational support at Rennes SB contributes to developing a high level of cultural intelligence in students and the ability to evolve in a complex world. In the context of the recent health crisis, Rennes School of Business was the first major business school to announce the transition of 100% of its courses to distance learning on 10 March 2020.

12th / +5 places* for the “professional integration” of Rennes SB students:

students and graduates of Rennes SB benefit from the school’s extensive professional network made up of partner companies, the network of students in internships or work-study programmes and the 22,500 members of the School alumni. Company-oriented events are organised throughout the year with forums, “Job dating” sessions for work-study placements and conferences given by professional speakers, particularly during the Corporate Days.

62% of Rennes SB students are recruited before the end of their studies and 95% find a job less than 6 months after the end of their studies.

11th in the “research” section of the ranking:

in addition to aiming for a high level of research quality, the teams at Rennes SB aim to produce research with maximum impact. In order to do so, the areas of excellence of the School’s Research.Lab, and the researchers dedicated to these domains, aim to present the results of their work to students, by including them in the classes and modules of the School’s different programmes.

 *compared to results in 2020

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