News -Ecological and social transition: Rennes School of Business among the Top 15 business schools with a positive impact

Ecological and social transition: Rennes School of Business among the Top 15 business schools with a positive impact

Rennes School of Business stands out among business schools with a strong corporate social responsibility policy in terms of ecological and social transition.

Les Echos START and ChangeNOW have published the second edition of the ranking of the business schools that have a positive impact in terms of ecological and social transitions. Rennes School of Business has been ranked 12th among the top business schools.

Students are increasingly demanding in their choice of education, looking for both impact and meaning in their careers. The environmental and societal impact of the school they choose is therefore of great importance. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy of Rennes School of Business responds to the demands of students and integrates environmental issues into its programmes and its mission. It raises awareness among all its stakeholders by organising events (conferences, film screenings, Diversity Frescoes, Transitions Week, etc.) and concentrates on the sustainable development of the Rennes campus as part of a process of continuous improvement.

Rennes SB aims to equip its graduates with the necessary skills to respond to the environmental and societal problems faced by companies today. This objective is achieved through teaching, including “Learning by doing” modules and the development of self-awareness.

Diversity and inclusion

Rennes SB also focuses its CSR efforts on diversity and inclusion through Feel Good, an initiative that is dedicated to providing students with tools, support and resources to help them flourish in their daily lives as a student and in their future careers. The “Feel Good” initiative is based on 3 pillars: well-being and health, ethics, and diversity and inclusion.

A website with low carbon emissions: another CSR award for Rennes SB in 2022!

Rennes School of Business has also distinguished itself by taking first place among business schools in the Greenoco ranking. This tool measures the carbon emissions of the homepage of business school websites. Rennes SB has the most efficient website of those in the ranking, with emissions of just 0.22 grams per view on its homepage. Reducing the carbon emissions linked to the use of the internet is one of the challenges of sustainable development, in order to develop a less polluting way of using the internet and ensuring that websites are optimised to achieve this goal.