News -International Alumni: what it’s like to study and work in France?

International Alumni: what it’s like to study and work in France?

The Rennes School of Business campus is a melting pot of nationalities and cultures, with over half of our students coming from abroad. We asked some of our international Alumni from all over the world about their experiences of living, studying and working in France.

At Rennes School of Business, 55%* of students and 95% of our permanent professors come from outside of France, turning the classrooms and campus of the school into a place of sharing and exchange for students and staff from all over the world.

Making the decision to study (or work) abroad is an incredibly exciting experience, but how did our students really experience their arrival in Rennes?

Compared to their home culture, what was the biggest surprise they experienced in France? What sort of challenges did they face, and how did they overcome them to pursue a career in France after leaving Rennes School of Business?

Watch the following videos to meet 8 members of our international Alumni from China, Colombia, India, Mexico and Vietnam and hear more about their experience at Rennes School of Business and after their studies. They studied at Rennes School of Business before pursuing a career in France!

Jorge Davalos Romero… from Mexico

MSc in International Luxury and Brand Management

Jorgé talks student jobs, travelling around France, being in class with students from around the world and how he linked his graduating project with his personal career plan.

Sisi Wang… from China

Programme Grande École & MSc in International Finance

Sisi talks about international communication skills, speaking French, visiting France and Europe and pursuing a career with Bolloré Logistics after her studies.

Maria Pedraza Sedano… from Colombia

MSc in Global Business Management

Maria still lives and works in Paris, she tells us more about inter-cultural communications, the biggest differences between Colombia and France, and how this has helped her adapt her communication style in different situations.

Sarath Poyyara Sivadasan… from India

MSc in International Human Resource Management

Sarath already had some professional experience in Human Resources before coming to study at Rennes School of Business. He shares top tips on finding internships, student life in Rennes and how working in HR in France can be different from the other countries he’s worked in.

Jianhao Shen… from China

PGE & MSc in International Finance

Jianhao tells us about taking a gap year in industry (année de césure), finding an internship in finance, completing an international exchange in Finland and student life in Rennes!

Juan Felipe Rivera Carreno… from Colombia

MSc in Sustainable Management & Eco-Innovation

Juan Felipe has found the job of his dreams after studying at Rennes School of Business. He tells us about sports at the school and his career with the French company Prova as CSR Manager and how French and Colombian people have different styles of partying.

Thi Pham from… Vietnam

MSc in Services Marketing & Management

Thi Pham now has double French-Vietnamese nationality and works in France. For him, it’s all about learning French, how the city of Rennes compares to Ho Chi Minh city and a business trip he was able to take with a very famous French person…

Karla Romualdo from… Mexico

Karla talks about how educational systems can vary from one country to another. She really enjoyed the Winter Session, during which you study abroad for two weeks, and the lifestyle she experienced while living in Rennes.

What is culture shock, and what can you do to minimise it when you arrive in Rennes?