News -“Openness” and “Freedom”: two new beehives installed on the roof of Rennes School of Business

“Openness” and “Freedom”: two new beehives installed on the roof of Rennes School of Business

A project in Corporate Social Responsibility that aims to encourage biodiversity on the School campus.

Rennes School of Bzzzzz-ness

On Thursday 20 April 2021, Rennes School of Business welcomed several thousand bees to two new beehives that have been installed on the roof of Building 2, giving new meaning to the phrase ‘Unframed Campus’. The beehives are named after two of the School’s core values, ‘Openness’ and ‘Freedom.’

The project was led by the Corporate Social Responsibility team, notably the Chief Sustainability Officer, Don Minday and CSR assistant, Alix Houssin. The beehives were installed by a company called Mellona.

The installation of these beehives comes after a long process of reflection and will play an important part in the fight for biodiversity,” says Don Minday, “It’s a small gesture, but concrete and easy to put in place. It also sends a message about the importance of biodiversity to our students, staff, and other stakeholders.

A colony and a queen bee have been installed in each of the two beehives which will soon produce their own honey to be sold by the School’s TER’N’CO association. The first batch of honey is expected to be ready by mid-august!

Rennes SB’s objective is to define a Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (SD&CSR) policy and to deploy it at all levels of the School and within all activities. Bees are an essential part of our ecosystem and account for one-third of global food production.; The introduction of these new beehives, therefore, supports the School’s goal of creating a greener, more eco-friendly campus.

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