News -Rennes School of Business top 10 in the 2021 Up2School French Tech rankings  

Rennes School of Business top 10 in the 2021 Up2School French Tech rankings  

Rennes School of Business was named in the top 10 of the E-commerce and Marketing categories! 

A French Tech special edition

Rennes School of Business has been recognised for its specialisations in E-commerce and Marketing in the recent Up2School rankings 2021!

The rankings were based on the number of students from each Management School that are currently in a permanent contract, internship or work-study programme within the companies that make up FT120 (the 120 companies that are officially recognised by La French Tech). Rennes SB ranked in 7th place for Marketing and 10th in the E-commerce category.

What is French Tech?

In the digital age, increasing numbers of business school graduates are turning away from the bigger, more traditional companies to set their sights on entrepreneurship and the start-up scene.
“Le French Tech” is a publicly funded French initiative, created in 2013, that seeks to promote and encourage French start-ups both in France and on an international scale in order to create employment opportunities and boost the economy.

Did you know? Paris-based video game developer and publisher Voodoo, one of the FT120, was co-founded by Laurent Ritter who graduated from Rennes SB in 2010!

As they prepare young minds for their future careers, management schools such as Rennes SB play a crucial role in the evolution of the job industry. In order to encourage innovation and to support students as they launch and lead their different entrepreneurial projects, Rennes School of Business founded its Innostart incubator in 2014 in partnership with INSA Rennes.

Once selected as part of the Innostart programme, start-ups will benefit from a minimum of six months’ incubation with two €1,000 grants awarded each year to support project launches. So far, 10 businesses have been created within the School!