News -Sign up now for the work-study recruitment e-forums at Rennes School of Business

Sign up now for the work-study recruitment e-forums at Rennes School of Business

The next work-study recruitment forum will take place on 20 & 20 May 2021, aiming to facilitate the meeting between companies and potential candidates for work-study positions.

At Rennes School of Business, it is possible to complete your studies in a work-study format. On 1 April 2021, 36 companies and 304 students took part in the Rennes School of Business virtual work-study recruitment forum. Organised by the School’s Talents & Career department, in partnership with Seekube, the event aims to facilitate contact between students and companies to help them find the ideal match for a work-study contract.

Rennes School of Business is dedicated to guiding its students towards professional integration through the organisation of diverse professional events, and this forum was a thorough success with 247 interviews confirmed between students and companies.

Key figures from the e-forum:

  • 36 companies
  • 304 students
  • 149 work-study offers
  • 142 applications
  • 247 interviews confirmed by recruiters

The companies that participated in this instalment of the event included:

Altran, Amadeus, Arkea Banque Entreprises et Institutionnels, Arrive Maitre Coq, Atos, Bébé au Naturel, Bessand, BNP Paribas, Carte Noire SAS, Coca Cola European Partners, Diotal SAS, Draco Partners, EMA Europe, Event Factory, Faurecia, Ferro France Commerciale, Finaxys, Gefco, Groupe Rocher, Klaxoon, Lactalis, Lidl, Maisons du Monde, Malt, Mediametrie, Mondelez, Ouest France/ Infolocale, Page Personnel, Petit Bateau, Saint Gobain Distribution Batiment France, Solinest, Tipiak Traiteur Patissier, Valeo, Volkswagen Groupe France, Wefiit.

Are you looking for work-study students?

Meet our students at the next Work-Study recruitment e-Forum, which will take place on 20 & 21 May 2021, in partnership with Seekube.

Recruiters can register via this link until 6 May 2021.

Upon receipt of your registration, Seekube will contact you directly to allow you to:

  • Create your virtual stand,
  • Submit your offers and select your CVs,
  • Organise your meetings and interviews, depending on your availability,
  • Present yourself and your company,
  • Access the CV library after the event.

Our students are enrolled in PGE in the following courses:

  • Retail & Business Development
  • Digital Business Management
  • Innovative Project managers

You can also recruit students from Rennes School of Business on our Paris campus, in the following new programmes:

These programmes are carried out on a work-study basis, over a duration of 12 months, at a rate of 3 or 4 days of classes per month.

Work-study contracts are a popular option among students who want to study whilst simultaneously gaining a wealth of professional experience. Alternating between working and studying, participants are able to graduate with their diploma and a first professional experience.

Such contracts are also popular amongst employers that are able to hire a student with a strong academic background who can be trained for a specific role within the company. At the end of the contract, employers who wish to employ the candidate full-time can feel confident in the abilities of a candidate that they have trained themselves.

Zoom in on work-study contracts:

  • Tuition fees are paid by the employer.
  • The student/employee is paid between 61% and 80% of the minimum wage depending on age, level of training and type of contract.
  • Training is highly professional (alternating between theory and practice, and support from the school and the company)
  • Vocational integration at the end of studies is facilitated thanks to these contracts of longer duration than an internship, the company can entrust the student with responsibilities and real organisational and strategic study missions in addition to more operational missions.