News -The “déconfinement”: what does it mean?

The “déconfinement”: what does it mean?

As the safety guidelines are progressively relaxed in France, here’s a quick reminder of what you can and can’t do!

Phase 1 (From Saturday 28 November 2020) 

  • Walking and physical exercise outside are now permitted within a radius of 20km from your home, for a maximum of 3 hours. You still need to carry a travel certificate whenever you leave home
  • Outdoor extra-curricular school activities are now permitted
  • Non-essential shops are now open and home services are permitted until 9pm (following a strict sanitary protocol)
  • Religious services are able to take place (with a maximum of 30 people)
  • The Rennes SB Learning Center is now open by appointment from 9am-1pm and from 3:30pm-7pm via the Aloha website. You can borrow or return a book (15-minute slots) or work on-site individually or in a group of up to 6 people (3-hour slots) whilst respecting the sanitary protocol. Every person in the group must book their own slot to be allowed on-site. You will need to bring a copy of your confirmation email and use the intercom to enter the building
  • If you would like to make an appointment to come in and see a member of staff, you can make an appointment via Aloha Square 

Phase 2 (From Tuesday 15 December 2020)

  • The end of the lockdown – you will no longer need to fill out a travel certificate when you leave your home and there won’t be a limit on how far or how long you can travel
  • Inter-regional travel will be possible
  • The curfew will be reinstated from 8pm-6am throughout France (except for the evening of the 24 December)
  • Cinemas, theatres and museums will remain closed for a further 3 weeks
  • Public gatherings are not allowed 
  • You can still come to the Rennes SB Learning Center to work or borrow books by appointment, but you will no longer need to bring a confirmation email

Phase 3 (From Wednesday 20 January 2021 – only if government objectives are achieved)

  • Reopening of restaurants, bars and sports centres/ gyms
  • 100% on-site teaching to resume in all French high schools

15 days later (From Wednesday 3 February 2021- only if government objectives are achieved) 

  • Universities will reopen for on-site teaching

REMINDER: when on campus you must respect the rules of social distancing by remaining at least 1.5 metres from others, wearing your mask and washing your hands regularly with hydroalcoholic gel.

Information obtained from the French government’s official website.