Global DBA – China

This Global Doctorate in Business Administration is run jointly by Rennes School of Business and the Shanghai Executive Development and Teaching Center. This programme aims to cultivate high-level professionals and entrepreneurs who are capable of focusing on both global and local (glocal) prospectives.


Participants will complete nine modules with a focus on a GLOCAL vision:

  • Global Prospective
  • Leadership with Innovation
  • Organisations and Industry Study
  • Critical Thinking – Analytical Ability
  • Local Best Practice.

Research focus can be placed on innovation management, mass health, green supply chain, AI and Tech innovation, branding, marketing, consumer behaviour, leadership, strategy or finance and investment.


To be eligible for the programme you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have a master’s degree (including MBA/EMBA) with a minimum of 5 years of management experience;
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree with at least 10 years of managerial experience;
  • English proficiency: is not compulsory but is a plus.

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  1. Submit your CV in both English & Chinese
  2. Complete a pre-interview (face to face), if eligible
  3. Apply online (complete the application on the Rennes SB admission platform)
  4. Participate in an online video interview
  5. Wait for the verdict of the AdmissionsCommittee


Application fees: €100

Total tuition fees : €68,310 (in RMB 485,000 Yuan)
Scholarships are available and are allocated by the Admission Committee following an analysis of the candidate’s overall qualifications.


Wesley ZHU, Alumni of the first GDBA China cohort, Chief Consultant, Berger Talent Consulting, MBA Instructor, Shanghai International Studies University, and University of Dundee, UK.

Wesley ZHU“At Rennes SB, much of the Faculty and many of the students, are from different nations around the world. This provides a truly international, diverse learning environment and academic community, bringing a certain resonance and collision of different cultures. The GDBA programme at Rennes SB focuses on applied research and courses with real-life case studies to help participants with their research, the development of their business plans and improving their workplace problem-solving skills.

My studies during this GDBA programme have stimulated my potential. I have improved my logical thinking and critical thinking skills, and gradually focused on specific fields, which provided the opportunity for my subsequent promotion and career transformation.”


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Regina HUANG
Prof. Regina HUANG