Global DBA DSAI – China

The Global Doctor of Business Administration in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (DBA in DSAI) is run jointly by Rennes School of Business and the RSB Shanghai Executive Development and Teaching Center (SH-Ivy College and SH GAOSHI Education Group). The program focuses on the interdisciplinary research in the application of DSAI in different industries with business administration, aiming to cultivate business innovative leaders in the era of AI, to achieve the seamless integration of business administration and AI, and to produce highly valuable intelligent business innovation management ideas and research results.


Through the study of the DBA in DSAI, students will systematically study modules in research methodology, strategy and organizational behavior, as well as the specialized module in AI+ industry, and industry+ AI, to equip the students with new management tools, analytical skills, and innovative and critical thinking.

The Global DBA in DSAI will help students to achieve a comprehensive integration of management practice, academic research and industrial innovation through thinking collision and discussion with interdisciplinary professors and supervisors such as management disciplines, big data, artificial intelligence, and become thought leaders in their industries.



To cultivate intelligent business innovation leaders with the characteristics of “GLOCAL”.

Global Perspective
Leadership with Innovation

Organizations and Industry Study

Critical Thinking

Agile Intelligent Decision

Local Best Practice



  • GDBA of Rennes SB has been in China for 20 years, which is one of the earliest international DBA programs introduced to China.
  • Focusing on the hot research topics in AI+industry, as well as industry +AI.

Strong in teaching and research faculty:

    • Main supervisor: Chinese professor from top business school
    • Monitoring supervisor: French professors
    • Professional supervisor: professors in the field of AI
  • Operations team with more than 15 years of experience in executive education


Part-time study form, system for three years(extended for 2 years is available).

This programme is worth 200 ECTs with 8 teaching modules entailing 200 teaching hours.

Year 1 — Academic Path

Semester 1

Pre DBA Courses (to those whose education background is not in computer science)

  • Foundations of Stats, ML and Optimization
  • Foundations of AI and ML

DBA Course

  • Module 1: Research Methodology and Process (Online)
  • Module 2: Qualitative and Mixed Research Methods
  • Module 3: Quantitative Methods and Data Analytics
  • Module 4: Advanced Optimization

Semester 2

  • Module 5: Digital Organization and Workforce
  • Module 6: Data Science & AI Applications-I
  • Module 6: Digital Strategy
  • Module 7: Research Development Workshop
  • Module 8: Data Science & AI Applications-II
  • Module 9: AI & ML Research Seminars

Year 2 & 3 — Research Path

Key deliverables

  • DBA Proposal Defence  DBA
  • Thesis Writing with Periodical Reviews
  • Final Thesis Defence


Next intake:
September 2024

To be eligible you must have obtained a 1st division in your master’s level degree and have a minimum of 5 years of experience. Bachelor students(with at least one year of postgraduate study experience) with 10 years of experience may also apply.
Majors in Science and Engineering, such as computer science, data science and mathematics, Machine Learning etc. will be preferred.


  • Submit your CV in both English & Chinese
  • Complete a pre-interview (face to face), if eligible
  • Apply online (complete the application on the Rennes SB admission platform)
  • Participate in an online video interview
  • Wait for the verdict of the Admissions Committee


Application fees: €100

Total tuition fees : €63,399 (in RMB 485,000 Yuan)

Note: Tuition fees are subject to change from year to year, see the current year’s notification.

Scholarship is possible to apply, the DBA Admission Committee will evaluate the applicant’s overall qualifications and give a final decision.

Regina HUANG
Prof. Regina HUANG