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Rennes School of Business has launched a new PhD programme where students receive a scholarship from the school and are co-directed by another French or foreign institution. With this framework, from the beginning, students are encouraged to see their PhD as their first position in academia. By benefiting from the research expertise and meeting the expectations of two different institutions, they are better prepared for an international academic career. In Rennes SB, PhD students belong to one of our four areas of excellence, namely “Agribusiness”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Green, Digital & Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management”, and “Mïnd” where the PhD programme curriculum requires coursework and immerse our students in all aspects of academic life. For instance, students are encouraged to gain in teaching and research assistant experience, to present their work at national and international conferences, they are prepared for writing in academic journals and to consider research topics which can have a real impact on society.


The PhD programme in Management prepares students for international, research-driven academic careers or research positions in international companies or organisations. This is done by offering a structured PhD programme that is both rigorous and relevant, and which ambition is to lead to a high-quality original research thesis.

The standard PhD registration is 36 months for full-time students and the equivalent for part-time students. Students will join one of the four areas of excellence which is generally the one of their PhD supervisors. During those 36 months, students will write their PhD thesis, complete two methodological courses and two specialised courses, and defend their PhD thesis. As part of a team of researchers, they benefit from a dynamic academic environment, they attend various seminars series, present their work at the annual Rennes SB PhD workshop and get financial support to participate to national and international conferences.

150 ECTS is allocated to the PhD thesis and the defence and 30 ECTS is allocated to the PhD courses and to any activities related to research (presentation of working papers to the LAB, seminars and conferences, publications) and teaching activities (the opportunity is available for PhD students to be employed as a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant to assist in the running of undergraduate student lecture and tutorials).

Why Rennes SB

Rennes school of business is a triple-accredited business school (Equis, AACSB, AMBA) and is ranked in the top French 10 by the Financial Times and the QS.

This excellence is reflected in the research teams who publish regularly in top peer-reviewed journals and are members of editorial boards. Our PhD students are therefore closely supervised by internationally recognised scholars producing frontier research in a large number of fields:

  • Sustainable and Responsible Agribusiness; Agrifood; Agricultural Economics; Innovating in Agribusiness; Agricultural Operations Engineering.
  • AI Business Strategy; AI Predictive Analytics; AI Consumer Behaviour; AI and Digital Innovation; AI and New Age Operations Management; Responsible AI Business.
  • Green Supply Chain Management; Digital Supply Chain Management; Business Value of Information Technology; Matching Supply with Demand.
  • Meaning; Institutions; Collective Intelligence; Information Diffusion; Networks; and Decision-Making.

Rennes SB has several conventions with French and foreign institutions. This allows our PhD students to benefit from dual PhD degrees. For instance, some of our PhD students are co-supervised by IMT-Atlantique, INRA, University College Dublin, University of Strasbourg, or the University of Toulouse. We believe that by being exposed to the research expertise and expectations of two different institutions, that our PhD students are better prepared for an international career.

Areas of Excellence


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The courses available to the PhD students can change from one year to another, depending for instance on visiting Professors.

Below is a list of courses available for the academic year 2021-2022:

  • Qualitative Methods – Design, Data Collection and Empirical Analysis
  • Recent Methods of Text Analysis in Business Studies
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Multidisciplinary perspectives and agenda for future research (Operations Optimisation & Automation, Strategies for Firms’ Competitive Advantage, Human & Ethical AI)


Rennes SB Scholarships

Rennes School of Business offers 2 fully-funded PhD research positions for outstanding students, to start in September 2021. The two PhD students would join one of our four areas of Excellence hosted by our Research Lab.

The 3 years Rennes SB scholarship includes:

  • 24k euros /year scolarship contract
  • Non tuition fees applied
  • Dedicated space in the Research Lab
  • Access to the Learning Center (access to research journals and databases)
  • Onboarding service to help you relocate

Other Scholarships

Scholarships financed by your home country
Several countries provide a scholarship to finance PhD studies in France. For instance:

  • Mexico: Scholarship CONACYT
  • Algeria: Scholarship ProFas B+
  • Pakistan: Scholarship HEC
  • Other home countries: You Can check the website Campus France of your home country to see whether a scholarship is available.

Scholarship financed by a company
PhD students can be hired by a company to conduct research at Rennes SB under a CIFRE contract.

Scholarship financed by the European Union

Please write in the subject of your e mail: PhD Application/ Name Surname
Send filled form and requested documents at


Annual administration fees:

500 euros

“So, are you convinced?”
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