Exchange programme


Exchange students


Exchange students may register for classes either on transfer credit or on a double degree at under or postgraduate level according to the agreement between their home institution and Rennes School of Business and depending on their study level.

Course selection

Students will be contacted by email 2 to 3 months before the start of the programme in order to make their choice of courses. Credit transfer students can register in business courses for a maximum of 30 ECTS: 6 business courses at undergraduate level or 5 business courses at graduate level, double degree seeking students must follow the requirements for the programme on which they are registered.

Double degree seeking student

Students may have the opportunity of studying for a double degree (Bachelor or Master level) if a double degree agreement has been signed between the two institutions.

Language requirement

  • Exchange students: A B2 level in English
  • Double degree seeking students : one of the following official language tests is required : Toefl test IBT 79 / IELTS 6.5 / TOEIC 750

Admission procedure

Admission Requirements:

Students applying for an exchange with Rennes School of Business must first be nominated by their home institution. Once selected and/or accepted by the home institution, please fully complete and send to Rennes School of Business the application form for exchange students (“Apply on line form”).

Fall semester

  • Undergraduate level 4 and Postgraduate level 5: Beginning of September 2018 – End December 2018
  • Undergraduate level 3 and double degree IBPM : Beginning of September 2018 – End December 2018

Spring semester

  • Undergraduate level 4 and Postgraduate level 5: Beginning of January 2018 – End of April 2018
  • Undergraduate level 3 and double degree IBPM : End of January 2018 – Beginning of May 2018

Nomination deadline

  • Fall semester: Mid May
  • Spring semester: Mid October

Application deadline

  • Fall semester: End of May
  • Spring semester: End of October

Academic requirement

  • Fall semester: September to December
  • Spring semester: January to April/May


We advise early application to enable early on-line registration of classes and to avoid delays in obtaining a visa. In order to be able to help you prepare your exchange, please consult the calendar below including the dates for: arrival; official registration; official induction; start of classes; holidays; examinations.


FAQ Exchange Students Download the pdf
Fact Sheet Download the pdf
Academic Calendar Download the pdf

Exchange students on Transfer of Credits

Exchange students on Transfer of Credits

Undergraduate Programme (undergraduate_level 4 )
Undergraduate programme taught in French (Level 3)
Postgraduate Programme (TC – Postgraduate)
IBPM (level 3-ibpm_in english)

  • Fully completed application form signed by the candidate and the Home University
  • Official transcripts for the entire education of the student at the home university (translated into English if the transcripts are not in English, French, German, Spanish or Italian)
  • CV (in English) and letter of motivation (in English)
  • The level of English is left up to evaluation of the home university (we ask the home institution to provide a certificate confirming a B2 level in English – or equivalent TOEFL, which is sufficient to take classes at Rennes School of Business). All or most classes are conducted in English, therefore students are expected to have a sufficient command of the
    English language to be capable of understanding, making oral presentations, writing reports and exams etc

Transfer credit students can register for business classes up to 30 ECTS: 6 business classes at undergraduate level or 5 business classes at graduate level. Double Diploma students must follow the requirements for the programme in which they are registered.

Exchange students on Double Degree

IBPM 3rd year
Master in management

  • First year
  • Second year (specialisation)
  • Fully-completed application form signed by the candidate and the Home University
  • Official transcripts for the entire education of the student at the home university (translated into English if the transcripts are not in English, French, German, Spanish or Italian)
  • CV in English
  • Letter of motivation in English
  • English language test required (except for native English speakers):
    • TOEFL: IBT = 79 computer based = 213, paper based 550
    • TOEIC 750
    • IELTS 6.5 depending on the programme
    • No French test required (unless electives in French are chosen, a B2 level in French will be necessary).

Exchange students on short programmes at postgraduate level

Different short programmes aimed at master level students have been launched at Rennes School of Business with several sessions per year (September 2017, January 2018 and February 2018).

Compulsory courses:

Doing Business in Europe / France
French Language class


  • Supply Chain Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Agri-food Business
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Advanced Finance

Key figures:

Master level students

  • 10-day study tour programme
  • 35 hours of classroom
  • 100% English teaching by International Faculty
  • 5 ECTS Credits (2,5 US Credits)
  • Company visits
  • Tuition fees: waived


Study Tour from 9th to 17th January 2018:

  • Nomination deadline on 23rd October 2017
  • Application deadline on 30th October 2017

Study Tour from 6th to 14th February 2018:

  • Nomination deadline on 8th November 2017
  • Application deadline on 15th November 2017


Please contact Laura for further details

ECTS Credits

European Transfer Credit System Credits

  • Your university has an exchange agreement with Rennes School of Business and most students including international Undergraduate and Postgraduate students enrolled as full degree-seeking students are eligible. You do not have to pay fees at the Rennes School of Business, only at your home institution.
  • For more precise details on how and when to go abroad, and what courses to study, please ask your business school international office or your study abroad office for advice.
  • You can come for either one semester or a full year
  • You can earn credit to transfer towards your university degree at home
    Rennes School of Business uses the ECTS (European Transfer Credit System). A standard workload is 30 ECTS per semester.
    The choice of your courses will depend on your home institution and your personal professional project, the pre-requisites, availability and timetabling.
  • It is also possible to earn a degree at Rennes School of Business if your home institution has an agreement with us. If you can register for such a programme, certain courses are compulsory and you must attend Rennes School of Business for a full academic year.
  • Students are expected to take 30 ECTS Credits per semester
    • Undergraduate programme level 3 and IBPM programme: 4 ECTS credits per subject
    • Undergraduate programme level 4: 5 ECTS credits per subject
    • Postgraduate programme level 5 and MSc: 6 ECTS credits per subject
    • French language class (optional): 3 ECTS credits / semester
    • French culture class (optional): 3 ECTS credits / semester
    • International Summer programme in Responsible Management: 6 ECTS credits / 2 weeks
    • NB: 30 ECTS are usually equivalent to 15 US credits or 60 UK credits.

Grading system used at Rennes School of Business

ECTS Grading Definition %

  • A 5 Excellent outstanding performance 70% or above
  • B 4 Very good : Above average standard but with some errors 65% – 69%
  • C 3 58% – 64%
    Good : Generally sound work with a number of notable errors
  • D 2 Satisfactory : Fair but with significant short comings 50% – 57%
  • E 1 Sufficient : Performance meets the minimum criteria 40% – 49%
  • Fx 0 Fail : Some more work required before credits can be awarded 30% – 39%
  • F 0 Fail : Considerable further work is required and student needs to re-take the course Below 30%


Should the student find an internship while studying in Rennes, the contract is to be signed by their home institution and the company. Rennes School of Business cannot issue this document unless the students are registered on a degree-earning programme (such as IBPM, PGE, MSc). We can, however, provide a model document. Exchange students are welcome to consult the offers available at Rennes School of Business.

General information

Admission procedure

Candidates have to fill in the application form which is available on e-mail request to The complete student’s file must be submitted to the admissions office.


Eligible candidates will be contacted for a an interview (Face-to-face, telephone, skype or on-line interview).

Visa for non-European students

Please contact the local French Embassy or Campus France in your country to obtain a visa application to arrange your stay in France as soon as you are admitted.

Resident permit

The international office of Rennes School of Business helps students to obtain a resident permit.


Rennes School of Business offers scholarships depending on academic performance or social criteria.

Orientation programme

The School provides an orientation programme for all international students the week before classes start. Sessions are compulsory and cover application for residence permit, health insurance, banking, internet provider, mobile phones, bus pass and information sessions on French culture, academic expectations and standards.


Rennes School of Business helps international students to finding suitable accommodation (student residence, private house, shared flat, family homestay) in the city. A new residence campus for international students is now available on the campus.


The basics ; Before my arrival ; First week : Miscellaneous ; …

Contact +33 (0)2 99 33 48 40

Handicap, Health Problems

Rennes School of Business may welcome students with disabilities. Please check if possible by contacting the school before arrival (send an email to the programme administration for your programme). For students with reduced mobility, the school is equipped for lifts/elevators to the classroom floors and other amenities. Transport in Rennes is also adapted to persons with reduced mobility (metro & buses).

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