Languages : English
Level 7 RNCP 35206 Qualification

The programme is designed to offer the best benefit ratio of any triple accredited institution. The course is designed to reflect the needs of today's business leaders and is delivered by an international faculty of leading experts and academics using the most advanced teaching methods. During the course, students will participate in virtual teamwork, case studies, field simulations and two highly informative field trips.

“Exposure to innovation will be a constant in this programme.”


This programme prepares managers and business leaders for rapidly changing scenarios, taking new technologies and practices into account and based around five main pillars:

  • The human factor, INSIGHT
  • The geopolitical context, INTERNATIONAL
  • The nuances and opportunities of digital business, INTELLIGENCE
  • The creation of new business models and services, INNOVATION
  • The methods to generate societal and organisational value, IMPACT

Exposure to innovation will be a constant in this programme. In addition to courses on innovative business solutions and tools, you will explore the unique entrepreneurial and pioneering environment of a thriving European capital.

A second adventure and impact trip to Europe will give you a current view of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) so that you can explore the human, business and societal factors at play. As part of the iMBA, you will work on a project to apply a business idea to solve one of the United Nations’ SDGs. Business leaders must understand the ways to do well in business, and why this is important while doing good for society and generating a positive impact on their bottom line in combination with producing societal value.


iMBA Director


Learning Goals

Through this unique learning journey, you will be able to:

  • Acquire knowledge, concepts and tools at different functional levels of the corporation to approach business questions
  • Analyse and synthesise across business functions to set out an overall strategic direction for the corporation
  • Understand your own sense of purpose, meaning and worldview as a corporate leader
  • Use emotional intelligence to apprehend and collaborate effectively in the face of others’ sense of purpose meaning and worldview
  • Acquire business intelligence tools and the necessary skills and know-how to apply them to everyday business problems
  • Understand AI innovation and how to translate it into business opportunities
  • Analyse and synthesise social and environmental impact, both primary and secondary, on corporate activities
  • Negotiate between conflicting stakeholders and their demands, suggest, defend and implement a proposition to maximise shared value
  • Get a strong sense of different cultural identities, sensitivities and value systems and show respect and tolerance towards them
  • Collaborate effectively and efficiently in a multicultural environment
  • Understand innovation and its impact on optimal business functioning and translate fundamental innovation into new business approaches

The Five “i”s

This programme is articulated along five distinctive dimensions that cover essential traits and areas of knowledge that a business leader must possess to thrive in challenging and fast-moving environments. As you can see, business is not what it used to be.

iMBA, Rennes School of Business


6 reasons to join this programme:

    • A programme that is recognised by the French government (RNCP Level 7) and registered under the number 35206.
    • An international programme with a strong foundation in business intelligence solutions, AI-driven innovation and leadership skills to prepare graduates to design and lead the organisations of the future.
    • Coaching for personal and professional development, topical workshops and career support will allow you to maximise the value of your professional profile to future employers.
    • First-hand experience during two study trips organised to Europe.
    • The first 2 terms will be taught in Rennes, in a dynamic and international environment, only 1h25 from Paris by train. The last term will take place on our Paris campus in the heart of the French capital to broaden students’ access to the job market and connections with large national multinational companies.
    • Possibility to join the Rennes SB Alumni association, a rich network for internship and job opportunities.


  • A strong academic background
  • Bachelor or equivalent (Diploma)
  • A minimum of 3 years of work experience
  • At least two strong managerial references
  • A letter of motivation
  • Strong quantitative background preferred

English proficiency (one of the following before registration) :

    • TOEFL > 80
    • TOIEC > 750
    • IELTS > 6.0
    • Cambridge Proficiency Exam > B2
    • Native Language
    • Previous studies taught in English (minimum 2 years)
    • IELTS 5.5 + IEC (Online Intensive English course)



  • Building a Knowledge-Based Organisation
  • Quantitative Methods for Business and Consulting
  • Financial Valuation and Market Intelligence
  • Economic Insights for Business & Strategy
  • Managerial Accounting Systems
  • Corporate Strategy


  • Effective & Lean Global Operations
  • Geopolitical Risk Management
  • International Financial Accounting
  • Global Business and the Macro Economy
  • Managing Cultural Complexity
  • Global Virtual Teaming


  • Managing Digital Business Transformation
  • Innovation in the Digital Age
  • Open Innovation
  • Artificial Intelligence in Business + Study Tour: Innovation & Startups


  • Leadership Through Personal Development
  • Human Psyche in Consumer Decision Making
  • Effective Communication for Global Leadership
  • Negotiation & collaboration in teams
  • Managing People & organisation


  • Information systems support for environmental sustainability
  • Leading & Investing for Impact
  • Triple Bottom Line Goal Setting
  • Sustainable Supply Networks Management
  • Sustainable Marketing Management + Study Tour: Sustainability & Business



  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Data-driven and green supply chain management


  • Machine Learning for Business
  • Managing AI Enabled Business



  • Full-time programme, mandatory attendance including two study trips

GRADUATING PROJECT (one of the following)

  • Impact Project based on real company needs through an internship
  • Academic Research Thesis


Duration: 15 months
S1: September to December (Rennes campus)
S2: January to April (Rennes campus)
S3: May to July (Paris campus)
Graduating project: up to December


This programme will train you as a leader through personal insight and business intelligence in an international context, allowing you to deliver impactful and innovative business solutions for the business world of tomorrow.

You will excel as a leader through a strong awareness of self and others in business contexts, discovering new approaches and methods to problems through Artificial Intelligence, and creating shared value between the corporation, the community and a changing geopolitical and global ecosystem.

With participants coming from all over the world, this student-centred journey will enable you to learn from the knowledge of your peers and professors, mixing e-learning components with individual and group work to help you think outside of your habitual frame, creating innovative business solutions.

Fees & Funding

Tuition fees: € 20,000

How can I finance my programme?

“So, are you convinced?”
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