MSc in Sustainable Management & Eco-Innovation


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Programme Mission

MSc SMEI graduates are capable of identifying the potential risks and the opportunities related to the activities of firms at a global level. They are able to monitor and optimize the development of eco-friendly products and services so as to create sustainable value for their organization.



The international job market offers vast opportunities for professionals trained and interested in this function

"The function of the Manager in Environmental Sustainability and Eco-Innovation is relevant for companies operating in both services and product markets. The international job market offers vast opportunities for professionals trained and interested in this function including positions within small business and large multinational enterprises managing global consumer bases and/or supply chains."

Admission procedure

Admission Requirements:

  • First degree (Bachelors) in Business or equivalent* (GPA>2.7)
  • English proficiency: TOEFL>80(ITB) or TOEIC>750 or IELTS>6.5 or equivalent
  • Application form
  • Interview (possible by phone)

(*) Other cases will be considered individually


Modules: September 2017 to May 2018
Internship: May 2018 to November 2018
Graduating project: up to December 2018

Teaching Language:


Application fees:

2017/2018 : Application fees : 90 €


Compulsory Modules

Corporate Social Responsibility
Teaching hours: 27| ECTS: 6
Environmental Impact Assessment
Teaching hours: 27| ECTS: 6
Marketing of Innovation
Teaching hours: 27| ECTS: 6
Project Management
Teaching hours: 27| ECTS: 6
Global Quality Management & Sustainability
Teaching hours: 27| ECTS: 6
Preparation for Graduating Project
Teaching hours: 27| ECTS: 6
Energy Issues and International Sustainable Regulations
Teaching hours: 27| ECTS: 6
Career Coaching 1
Teaching hours: 3
International Strategic Management ‘‘Winter Session’’ abroad or course at Rennes School of Business
Teaching hours: 27 | ECTS: 6
Eco-design Management
Teaching hours: 27| ECTS: 6
Information Systems Management and Financial Aspects in SM
Teaching hours: 27| ECTS: 6
Management of Change
Teaching hours: 27| ECTS: 6
Sustainable Supply Chain / Green Logistics
Teaching hours: 27| ECTS: 6
Strategic Knowledge Management
Teaching hours: 27| ECTS: 6
Career Coaching 2
Teaching hours: 3

Semester 1 + Semester 2: ECTS 72 credits
Winter session (1 module): ECTS 6 credits
Language courses
French for international students and Foreign language for French students
Teaching hours: 30 | ECTS: 2
Performance during internship
ECTS: 10
Graduating project
ECTS: 30

General information

Admission procedure

Candidates have to fill in the application form which is available on e-mail request to

The complete student’s file must be submitted to the admissions office.


Eligible candidates will be contacted for a an interview (Face-to-face, telephone, skype or on-line interview).

Visa for non-European students

Please contact the local French Embassy or Campus France in your country to obtain a visa application to arrange your stay in France as soon as you are admitted.

Resident permit

The international office of Rennes School of Business helps students to obtain a resident permit.


Rennes School of Business offers scholarships depending on academic performance or social criteria.

Orientation programme

The School provides an orientation programme for all international students the week before classes start. Sessions are compulsory and cover application for residence permit, health insurance, banking, internet provider, mobile phones, bus pass and information sessions on French culture, academic expectations and standards.


Rennes School of Business helps international students to finding suitable accommodation (student residence, private house, shared flat, family homestay) in the city. A new residence campus for international students is now available on the campus.


The basics ; Before my arrival ; First week : Miscellaneous ; …



Tel.: +33 (0)2 99 33 48 40

Intended career paths

Intended career paths

  • Consulting firms performing environmental analysis of companies’ CSR practices with the aim to offer advice to those organisations or provide information to ethical investment funds
  • Businesses offering eco-products or engaged in social and environmentally responsible practices,
  • Accreditation organisations of corporate environmental and social responsibility (like ISO, GRI – Global Reporting Initiative),
  • Government agencies, international organisations dealing with the environmental and social impact of business (eg. UN Global compact)
  • NGOs (non-for profit organisations) concerned with ethical trade practices or collaborating with business on sustainability issues

Example of job titles of our graduates

  • Sustainable Development Analyst
  • Sustainability Advisor
  • ESG/Sustainability Analyst
  • Expert in Sustainable and Responsible Investment and Finance
  • Energy Advisor
  • Expert in Innovation, Business Development and Sustainability

Major recruiters of our graduates

  • VigeoEiris
  • Nestle
  • Heineken
  • Sustainalytics
  • Lindt & Sprüngli (France)
  • Nokia Bell Labs

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