Bachelor in Management, Master in Management, Master of Science, iMBA, … how can you finance your programme?

The Talent Scholarship

At Rennes School of Business, we value the academic talent that you will bring to the classroom.

  • Open to: high-profile candidates who have a strong academic record. Special consideration is given to applicants who have clear academic and professional merit and can demonstrate the ability to contribute to all aspects of the programme.
  • Selection process: scholarship evaluation will be based on the following documents submitted for admission: Transcripts, English score, CV and interview feedback.
  • Applicants should also describe how undertaking the programme of their choice will affect their career, educational, and personal goals in their personal statement.
  • Amount: until 5000€ discounted from tuition fees.


Unframed Scholarship

Thinking beyond the frame means opening one’s mind toward other cultures.

  • Open to: candidates that are able to demonstrate a unique life experience and/or remarkable extra-curricular activities, along with a global and collaborative outlook and curiosity to find impactful and sustainable solutions.
  • Selection process: scholarship evaluation will be based on the following documents submitted for admission: Transcripts, English score, CV and interview feedback along with a personal statement that will outline their « unframed » profile.
  • Recipients of this award will be expected to act as ambassadors for Rennes School of Business and assist with some marketing activities.
  • Amount: until 5000€ discounted from tuition fees.


« Bienvenue en France » Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded in recognition of the strong dedication of candidates that were eager to learn French even before their arrival in Rennes.

  • Open to: applicants that have taken French courses at the « Alliance Française » or at other affiliated language institutions in their home country offering classes in French as a Foreign Language.
  • Selection process: candidates will have to submit a certificate of completion from the language institution which dates less than two years before their application to Rennes SB, showing a minimum A1 level, in addition to a personal statement.
  • Amount: 500€ discounted from tuition fees.


Solidarity Fund Scholarship

Rennes School of Business has established a solidarity fund for candidates from emerging countries who are facing currency devaluation due to economic or health crises.

  • Open to: candidates from countries that are impacted by currency devaluation.
  • Selection process: the evaluation will be based on the candidate’s profile and country of origin in addition to a personal statement.
  • Amount: until 5000€ discounted from tuition fees.


For the January intake 2024: applications will be accepted until 30 November 2023.
For the September intake 2024: 17 June 2024, will be the last day to submit your application. They will be reviewed on a weekly basis.

Who can apply?

You may only apply to ONE scholarship (except for the « Bienvenue en France » scholarship which can be obtained alongside another scholarship).

How to apply ?

  • Upon acceptance, please revisit your profile on the admission platform (Login : Rennes School of Business). Navigate to the “Scholarships” tab to initiate your application. It’s important to note that this tab is exclusively visible to accepted students.

Other scholarships & loans

TAPIF Scholarship

Alumni of the Teaching Assistant Programme in France (TAPIF) are welcomed to return to France to study their master’s degree at Rennes School of Business.

Our Master’s Degrees span a duration of two years. Individuals with a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree have the opportunity to apply directly to the second year of the program.

The standard tuition fees for our Master’s Degrees amount to €10,000 for the initial year and €15,000 for the following year. For the international Master in Business Administration (IMBA), which has a one-year duration, the fee is set at €20,000.

TAPIF Alumni are automatically entitled to a 10% reduction in fees for both Master’s years and a 15% reduction for the IMBA. Furthermore, TAPIF students, upon admission, can apply for additional scholarships.

Rennes School of Business is eligible for U.S Federal Student Aid, providing further financial assistance options for qualified students.

Contact : Monica Medina, Head of Latin America Office & International Admissions Advisor, Rennes SB International Development

Ambassador Scholarship

Open to students who are enrolled in our Bachelor in Management and applying to one of our master’s programmes.
Amount: 15% reduction on the Master of your choice

Prodigy funding

Rennes School of Business is accredited to receive funding from Prodigy Finance, a solution in partnership with a community of investors who help students fund their studies. Register your interest and study plan with Prodigy and select the school programme of your choice (all programmes are compatible with this funding scheme, except the MSc in Geopolitics and Business, the MSc in Sports and Tourism Management and the MSc in Creative Project Management Culture & Design)

Loans for US students

Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

FAFSA programmes Rennes School of Business

US citizens or permanent residents can apply to obtain US Federal loans to help cover the cost of attendance at Rennes School of Business. Only students enrolled in degree programmes are eligible for Federal Direct Loans.

FAFSA - Rennes School of Business

Contact &


Scholarships for all international students

Social and Solidarity Grants (Bourses Sociales et Solidaires)

Launched by Rennes SB and its alumni, Social and Solidarity Grants aim to participate in financing your studies and helping you find a rewarding career:

  • Accessible to students enrolled in a multi-year programme
  • Amount: between €500 and €3,000
  • Requirements: quality and reliability of the academic record and results (GPA >3), priority to CROUS scholarship holders, open to students with moderate tax income
  • Submission of applications from November 2023, via RISE web access, using the “Scholarships” tab.

Contact et

Eiffel scholarship

The Eiffel Scholarship offers financial support to high-achieving international candidates. Scholarship holders receive about €1200 per month. The scholarship is financed and managed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development.

Who can apply: any student under 30 years of age with an excellence profile:
– GMAT 650 or above (GRE accepted). (Please note that it is not mandatory for programmes that do not require the completion of the GMAT test.)
– Excellent academic records (GPA)
– Strong motivation and clear objectives
– Awards, previous scholarships, achievements etc.


Erasmus allowances

Les étudiants de Rennes School of Business peuvent bénéficer de séjours d'études à l'étranger grâce aux Bourses Erasmus.Erasmus allowances are granted under conditions to students who are doing an internship or part of their studies (between 90 days and 1 full year) in Europe as part of an exchange. People with disabilities can benefit from a specific Erasmus+ grant, in addition to their mobility grant, which covers the additional costs of their stay in Europe (up to 100% of the actual costs incurred).
Requirements: the selection is made on the basis of academic criteria, under conditions of resources. The motivation and the professional project are also taken into account.

Additional information from Annabelle Gué


Scholarships for Colombian students

ICETEX Scholarship

Scholarship granted by ICETEX & Rennes School of Business for registered Colombian students.


COLFUTURO Scholarship

Scholarship granted by Colfuturo & Rennes School of Business for registered Colombian students.


Scholarships for Indian students

Rennes School of Business scholarships/French Embassy

Rennes School of Business, along with the French Embassy in India, offers two scholarships for two Indian students of the Master in Management programme:

  • A 2000 € scholarship awarded by Rennes SB for each year of the programme;
  • Exemption of visa/CEF charges, access to accommodation in university residences, student social security and benefits linked to French government scholarship status (for each year of the programme).

Charpak scholarship

The Charpak scholarship programme is run by the Embassy of France in India. It offers three types of funding for Bachelor’s and master’s level students.


Scholarships for Rennes School of Business Indian studentsFor Indian students who are looking for an education loan to fund their education, WeMakeScholars can help. It is an organisation that is funded and supported by the IT Ministry, Govt. of India. They have helped a few of our students in the past to successfully secure an Education loan from banks in India. As they are the processing partners for 10+ banks, they will be able to suggest the best education loan option matching your profile. Also, their services are free of charge as the initiative is supported by the Digital India campaign.

  • For more information on this, get in touch with Bridgette George, an education loan officer at +91- 9989659674


Scholarships for Indonesian students

The Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education (Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan / LPDP) finances higher education in master’s and PhD programmes at Rennes SB.

Campus France Indonesia helps Indonesian students to get all the information needed to successfully apply for study in France and scholarships.


Scholarships for Thai students

Franco-Thai Scholarship programme

The Franco-Thai Scholarship Programme (with full and partial grants) is for Thai citizens who intend to choose France to study in Higher Education Institutions at a master’s or PhD level.


Scholarships for Taiwanese students

BJF Scholarships Taiwan

BJF Master (Bourse Joseph Fourier Master) Scholarship aims to support talented Taiwanese students as they study for a master’s degree in France for a duration of 10-24 months.


Scholarships for Mexican students


Students who have taken out a loan via FIDERH- “Banco de Mexico” can benefit under conditions from a Rennes School of Business grant.


If they meet the criteria, students who have taken out a FUNED loan can benefit from a CONACYT/Rennes School of Business grant.


Other scholarships

Campus France lists more than 700 programmes from national and local government, agencies, corporations, foundations, academic institutions, France’s embassies abroad, foreign government and institutions and multicultural organisations.

New payment method solution

You have been accepted at Rennes School of Business and are now in the process of confirming your spot in the programme.

As we know that bank-to-bank transfers may be complicated in some areas, Rennes SB has decided to put in place a new payment method solution that will ensure that transfers are straightforward and free of charge. You will therefore avoid unnecessary bank fees and receive favourable foreign exchange rates.

We are delighted to inform you that you now have the possibility to use this method to confirm your enrolment at Rennes SB!

Please be sure to upload a copy of the transfer when you click on the enrolment link that you received with your acceptance letter.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our campus!

Next steps

Please find more information below

Visa/Orientation Programme/Accommodations


Admission procedure

Candidates must fill in the application form. The student’s complete file must be submitted to the admissions office.


Eligible candidates will be contacted for an interview (face-to-face, telephone, skype or online interview).

Visa for non-European students

Please contact the local French Embassy or Campus France in your country to obtain a visa application to arrange your stay in France as soon as you are admitted.

Resident permit

The international office of Rennes School of Business helps students to obtain a resident permit.

Orientation programme

The School provides an orientation programme for all international students the week before classes start. Sessions are compulsory and cover residence permit applications, health insurance, banking, internet provider, mobile phones, bus pass and information sessions on French culture, academic expectations and standards.


Rennes School of Business helps international students to find suitable accommodation (student residences, private houses, flatshares, family homestay) in the city.

+33 (0)2 99 33 48 40