Certificate in Business Gamification and Extended Reality

Next Intake : October 2021
Only Rennes SB students
Duration : 120 hours
Languages : English
Campus : Rennes

With the support of Ubisoft, Rennes School of Business and Artefacto created a certificate in “Business Gamification and Extended Reality” for the management of innovative projects in mixed reality.

“We are proud of this partnership, which further strengthens the School’s digital offer and our place in the creative economy. Moreover, this link with Artefacto and Ubisoft, founded in Brittany and known as one of the world leaders in the creation, publishing and distribution of video games and interactive services, shows our commitment to creating offers with innovative companies in many areas of excellence. Thomas Froehlicher, CEO and Dean of Rennes School of Business”


XR technology has become part of today’s industry and services, this is the reason why we decided to combine our skills to offer students the possibility to explore and develop the ways XR can contribute to add value to both user experience and company services or products.
New managers will therefore be able to integrate VR/AR perspectives in their projects to support digital transformation in companies.

Valérie Cottereau, Artefacto“Artefacto’s objective is clear: to train the future managers of companies so that they become experts in the design and implementation of innovative digital projects”.
Valérie Cottereau, Artefacto CEO


PART 1 – Game Creators’ Odyssey

To get strong knowledges in game mechanics and good practices in game design.

  • ACT 1 – Rational Game Design (RGD)

Adopt rational game design to create fun and innovative games.
– Improve productivity from conception to production
– Use gained knowledge of rational game design and create their own game concept
– Learn to define design principles and terminologies currently used by Ubisoft’s developers
– Presentation of your game concept to a jury

  • ACT 2 – Rational Level Design (RLD)

Understand how different game components contribute to the construction of game levels.
– Create functional models of game levels that are consistent with predetermined mechanics, characters and story structures
– Apply principles of design theory to create games that respond successfully to different markets and technologies
– Presentation of the prototype of your own game to a jury

PART 2 – XR Project Management

How to manage XR related projects applying Artefacto’s expertise and game design methods.

  • ACT 1 – XR Project Management Methods

XR Basics
The different existing XR technologies and uses
– XR Project Management
Main features of an XR Project Management and key positions in a XR Project team
– Specifications and Functionalities
Definition of needs, functionalities and pitfalls to avoid

  • ACT 2 – Team work project

– 3 days – 3 steps (presentation of topics / presentations of specifications to the jury / Presentation of functionalities to the jury)
– Team project
– Work on realistic projects
– Presentation of the project to the jury

An Artefacto tutor will be dedicated to each team.
Face-to-face hours may take place distantly according to the sanitory situation.

Learning format

Certification in Business Gamification at Rennes SB

A blended learning format

The certificate is divided into two parts:

  • Part 1: The Game Creators’ Odyssey
    – 2 online Ubisoft gamified modules of 40 hours each, tutored by Artefacto
    – 1 group work on game prototyping
  • Part 2: XR project management
    – 1 face-to-face module of 30 hours including a demo session and workshops on specifications and functionalities
    – 1 capstone team work on XR solution design

>> A look back over the first semester of the new Rennes SB Business Gamification module

Student testimonials

Certification in Business Gamification Rennes SB

Part 1

“The Business Gamification Certificate allowed me so far, through an innovative and playful learning process, to create innovative and fun video games. With this certificate, you won’t have a recipe on how to make a game, but rather you will have key ideas and ways to exploit your full creative potential while learning common vocabulary to be able to work in the industry. Self-management, team-organisation and tight schedule management are all required, as it will require +40h of work while attending your other classes.
My final piece of advice is that if you simply enjoy video games, and would like to work in this industry, it is a dream certificate for you, from traditional video game design to XR video games design.”
Nicolas Caro-Tourneux

Part 2

“The Business Gamification certification was a great opportunity to grasp the substance of XR project management. It was built as a great 3-parts module, blending the understanding of VR, XR & AR technology and opportunities, but also the main project management methodologies & useful tips regarding the pitfalls to avoid when conducting a tech project. I surely will relate to the module’s content for further personal & professional work.”
Paul Guihard


French and international students from the various Rennes School of Business programmes are able to apply to take this exclusive module. (Experienced coders and gamers are welcomed.)

  • Intake: 7th October 2021
  • Total training programme hours: 120h
  • Blended learning: online and face to face modules


  • €2000
“So, are you convinced?”