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Bachelor IBPM Diplôme visé par l'ÉtatThe  Rennes School of Business bachelor’s degree is carefully structured into a series of “learning loops”. Each loop begins with the introduction of a new context (a business, the international environment, etc.), followed by theory-based contributions and discussions with lecturers to consolidate and appraise students’ observations. It is in moving from one loop to the next that students learn to learn.
This progressive vision underpinning the international bachelor degree in business approach is fully consistent with a business and management study programme designed for future graduates. In this ever-changing, globalised world, the importance of lifelong learning across all situations cannot be overestimated.
This programme offers also a track in French-English.


The IBPM aims to educate students who possess the tools, competencies and abilities required for management in the context of globalization and a changing environment and who are able to create sustainable value for business organizations in an efficient and effective manner.

Learning objectives

As an IBPM student with at least 9 months’ hands-on practical business experience, you’ll be in a position to:

  • build your managerial skill set in line with your career plan. Being in close contact with economic players teaches you to react quickly, precisely and appropriately to situations that are often unforeseen, always urgent and generally complex.
  • become an accomplished communicator and negotiator. You are the business’ intermediary at ground level, and will need to learn to communicate and negotiate effectively and autonomously.You must be able to manage human and cultural diversity in order to safeguard the local presence of your business in years to come.
  • understand the managerial challenges associated with responsible and sustainable development. It is the operational manager’s responsibility to act in an ethical and responsible manner in order to create longstanding value for every one of the company’s stakeholders.


A solid academic and practical foundation in business management and operations

The International Bachelor Programme in Management (IBPM) is a 3-year Bachelor degree which aims to provide high-school certificate holders with a solid academic and practical foundation in business management and operations, and to prepare them to enter the job market or to pursue their studies at Masters level, in France or overseas. Students can join either in the 1st year or directly in the 3rd year (100% in English).

Aude Gwendoline,
Director, IBPM

Admission procedure

Admission requirements

Admission requirements for the IBPM1 (1st year of the IBPM) :

  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • • English proficiency: TOEFL>80 (ITB) or TOEIC>750 or IELTS>6.5 or equivalent

Admission requirements for the IBPM3 (3rd year of the IBPM):

  • Dip. HE in management or equivalent
  • English proficiency: TOEFL>80 (ITB) or TOEIC>750 or IELTS>6.5 or equivalent


1st year entry
▪ Modules: September 2019 to May 2022
▪ Internship: 9 months of internship during the 3-year programme
3rd year entry
▪ Modules: September 2019 to May 2020
▪ Internship: 8 weeks from June 2020 to August 2020

Application fees

2020/2021: Application fees: 90€- Tuition fees: 7800€ Europe – 9000 € outside Europe

Teaching language

100% English track


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