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Rennes School of Business is engaged in a great sustainable work approach

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Great sustainable work

Rennes School of Business is committed to an approach which aims to develop and maintain sustainable and high-quality work for its employees and students.
In our view, quality sustainable work means work with high added value that respects your health and the environment by using just the resources needed – no more, no less.

A learning community

Our management school is organised into expertise-based circles, schedule-based circles and project-based circles. Our organisation continually adapts to the VUCA world in which we operate (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous). That is why each individual, whatever their profession, has the opportunity to take part in projects, display their talents and develop, while working towards our school’s shared goal.

We are looking for committed and innovative people who take the job seriously – but don’t take themselves too seriously! As well as training and professional experience, we are interested in everything that makes an individual who they are, including their interpersonal skills, team spirit, involvement in their community, personal plans and everything that gets their juices flowing!
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Accountability and Performance

  • Each employee discusses their results and tasks with their manager during a sustainable performance interview. They set out their individual and collective objectives together and talk about how they want to develop.
  • A performance-related pay system is in place and every employee’s year is assessed annually with the consistent purpose of recognising their performance and ensuring everyone is treated fairly.
  • A dedicated team supports employees to develop their individual talents. This is a priority for our business school. An ambitious skills development plan is set out each year.


Mutual trust is the driver for everyone’s role. Depending on departments’ business and each individual’s performance:

  • Each employee gets 23.5 days of RTT leave per year (in recompense for hours worked over the 35-hour limit in France), which they can largely take when they want, in agreement with their manager.
  • Flexible working hours help each employee to enjoy a comfortable work-life balance.
  • Remote working is in place and open to the vast majority of employees in accordance with our charter.
  • Internal mobility is open to any employee who wishes to develop their career. The school is keen to listen to employees’ ideas around internal professional development and encourages them to take the next step. Approximately 10% of employees change roles each year.

Stéphanie HIAUMET , Senior Director, Development, Rennes SB“Rennes School of Business has given me the opportunity to progress in my role and develop within my department by guiding me towards new responsibilities.
I was hired as an admissions officer in 2013 and I’m now joining the Executive Board after several promotions which have led me to my current role as school development director.
During my in-house management training course, I acquired new knowledge and learnt new methods that gave me a comprehensive understanding of our profession. Some sessions, such as the Nouvelles Oratrices course which trains women in public speaking, have boosted my self-belief, enabling me to give it my all and develop my career.
I’d advise everyone to be proactive, have confidence in their abilities, take on board new ideas and show their commitment by looking to go beyond their role description to help their department work more innovatively so that, ultimately, they will naturally progress in their careers.
As a manager, I always keep in mind that supporting your staff’s development and not considering yourself irreplaceable are essential if we are to enable everyone to upgrade their role and develop their career.”
Stéphanie Hiaumet, Senior Director, Development

Diversity and inclusion

You’re different? Welcome home!

Our school’s DNA is rooted in multiculturalism, so the diversity of its staff is considered a real asset. Different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures are embraced as part of the school.

Gender equality

To maintain gender equality, we have developed a specific and effective action plan which enabled us to achieve a 90% score on the equality index by the year 2023. Our score breaks down as follows:

  • Pay gap: 35/40
  • Differences in individual pay increases: 20/20
  • Differences in individual promotion: 15/15
  • Percentage of employees who have received an increase (100%): 15/15
  • High pay: 5/10
    This gives us a total of 90/100

Gender Equality Action Plan

The school has developed an action plan with the following areas for development:

1. Reflect on job ads and the language used in them.
2. Start with an equal balance of male and female shortlisted candidates.
3. Monitor processes using gender indicators.
4. Raise awareness among managers and people in charge of recruitment.

Encourage people to acquire knowledge and hard and soft skills as part of our equitable skills development.

Develop the number of women in higher-ranking positions. Ensure fairness at all levels of the school.

Ensure raises and promotions are distributed equitably every year.
Ensure employees returning from family-related leave are paid general (average) raises and contractual/target-related bonuses.

Working conditions

  • Set up training about harassment and sexist behaviour.
  • Establish parity in staff representation bodies.
  • Support staff to return to work after maternity and parental leave, with a particular focus on research professors post-maternity or parental leave.
  • Encourage and support remote working for a better work-life balance (and the right to switch off).

Our campuses

Rennes Campus

The Rennes School of Business campus offers a dedicated and friendly working and living environment. This exceptional setting is just a stone’s throw from the city centre. It is open six days a week, and the Business School’s four buildings are fully adapted to students’ educational requirements. Rennes is a city on the move in the heart of Brittany!

Explore the Rennes Campus


Paris Campus

Rennes SB offers a range of training courses in the heart of Paris. This space brings together students, graduates and professionals in a campus dedicated to dialogue, new encounters and learning.

Explore the Paris Campus



We have been involved in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development projects for several years and are implementing a sustainable approach to all our work. We have a team specifically dedicated to helping the school transition both environmentally and socially.

Projects underway include the following:

  • We are rolling out in-house training for all our staff focusing on the climate and carbon and on diversity.
  • We are committed to carrying out a scope 3 carbon audit and launching a GHG reduction plan.
  • Walking and cycling is encouraged and facilitated by our on-campus facilities.
  • We work with our catering provider to offer ethical, low-carbon food.

Welcome to Rennes SB!

As soon as your employment contract is signed, your induction gets underway so it is easier for you to start your role from day one.
Administrative and HR procedures are carried out via our HRIS platform prior to your arrival.
On your first day, you will be welcomed by your manager, who is there to support you in your new work environment and team for as long as you need to get to grips with your role.
You will also have a meeting with HR to complete your employee records and get answers to all your questions.


All our jobs

Apply for our jobs:

  • Academic roles (permanent professors)
  • Academic roles (visiting professors)
  • Non-academic roles (administrative, marketing, finance, human resources, IT, general services, student support, business relations, business development, international mobility, etc.)
  • Interns
  • Work/study placements
  • Unsolicited applications: contact us

Rennes SB is currently recruiting:

A Campus Manager Paris

A true partner to all the school’s stakeholders, the Campus Manager is a local manager in charge of
supervising and coordinating all academic, administrative and operational activities on campus,
whether for initial training, continuing education or RSB stakeholder events. He/she is responsible for
ensuring the quality of teaching, the well-being of learners, and the overall smooth running of the

Reporting directly to the General Secretary, he/she is responsible for representing Rennes School of
Business on the Paris campus to internal and external stakeholders.

To meet the priority challenge of serving learners, he/she will be supported under his/her hierarchical
responsibility by 3 people and service providers for site operations.

> See the role description >> Apply by mail

A Campus Paris Study Manager

As a Study Manager, your main responsibilities are the implementation and animation of the BiM academic experience for the Program’s students, the representation of the program, as well as the assurance of delivered teaching quality, in connection with the various educational resources of the school.

Furthermore, as a representative of the Program at the Parisian campus, you are an active liaison with the Rennes teams dedicated to supporting Master’s students in Paris.

> See the role description >> Apply by mail

An Undergraduate & Postgraduate Education Manager

As part of an evolution of our organization, the academic affairs team is looking to integrate a new talent as the Undergraduate & Postgraduate Education Manager. Under the direct supervision of the Academic Affairs and Student Support Services Manager, this position offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to the excellence of our educational institution.
> See the role description >> Apply by mail

A director of Information System (F/M) – Rennes Campus

To craft and execute a digital strategy in alignment with the school’s objectives and educational goals and optimise both the student experience and our operational procedures.
> See the role description >> Apply by mail

A Promotion Officer (Internship)

Reporting to the French Development Manager, your mission will be to support the team in ensuring
the success of the school’s promotional activities. There are three types of promotional events:

  • Reporting to the French Development Manager, your mission will be to support the team in ensuring
    the success of the school’s promotional activities. There are three types of promotional events:
    student trade shows (e.g. Studyrama, L’Etudiant),
  • internal events organized on our Rennes and Paris campuses (Open Days),
  • forums with testimonials from Rennes School of Business students at schools (high schools,
    preparatory classes, universities, etc.).

You will mainly be involved in the latter aspect: forums. You will be required to travel throughout
France (mainly in Brittany). >> See the role description >> Apply by mail




“If our current vacancies don't match what you are looking for but you are very interested in our work and values, send us an unsolicited application. We will do our best to respond as soon as we can.”
Annick Voltigeur-Rennes School of Business
Annick Voltigeur, Recruitment & Mobility Manager