R-SCOM – Research in Supply Chain and Operations Management


Dr Ramzi Hammami Head of R-SCOM, Rennes School of BusinessLaunched in 2015, R-SCOM is a multidisciplinary research centre that has been created to meet the scientific and industrial challenges imposed by the changing industrial context.

The mission of R-SCOM is to analyze the technological, economical and environmental changes, to understand their impacts on operations and industrial systems, and to develop efficient solutions and aid decision tools for scientists and practioners.

Dr Ramzi Hammami
Head of R-SCOM


Ongoing research projects


Project CONCLuDE supported by The French National Research Agency (ANR)

Title: Supply Chain design with an environmental performance-sensitive demand
Poject value: 350,000 euros
Partners: Rennes School of Business, laboratoire G-SCOP, École des Mines Saint-Étienne, ANR
Member of R-SCOM involved in the project: Ramzi Hammami and Imen Nouira
Period: from 2016 to 2020

Objective of the project: This project aims to revisit the Supply Chain (SC) design models while considering an endogenous demand sensititive to the environmental performance, which distinguishes our work from existing models where demand is usualy modeled as an exogenous parameter that does not depend on the model decisions.
Indeed, on the one hand, the environmental performance has become a factor of competitiveness for companies and an important purchasing criterion for customers whether in the context of B-to-B or B-to-C.
On the other hand, the environmental performance depends on the decisions undertaken at the design of SC such as location/allocation of production sites, choice of suppliers, selection of manufacturing technologies and transportation modes, etc…


Research project with KLS logistic Systems

Title: Optimization of order picking in a warehouse
Partners: KLS logistic systems, G-SCOP (Grenoble INP), and R-SCOM (Rennes SB)
Period: from Sep 2014 to Sep 2017
Member of R-SCOM involved in the project: Ramzi Hammami

R-SCOM Members



PhD Students

  • Abduh Albana

Topic: On the design of supply chains with lead time dependent demand
Supervisors: Ramzi Hammami (R-SCOM, ESC Rennes) and Yannick Frein (G-SCOP, Grenoble INP)
Period: from Oct 2014 to Oct 2017
Funding: Research funding by French government

  • François Constant

Topic: Open innovation: implications for purchasing
Supervisors: Thomas Johnsen (R-SCOM, ESC Rennes) and Carole Bonanni (ESC Rennes)
Period: from Sep 2014 to Sep 2017
Funding: self-funded

  • Nicolas Lenoble

Topic: Order picking in warehousing
Supervisors: Ramzi Hammami (R-SCOM, ESC Rennes), Yannick Frein (G-SCOP, Grenoble INP), and Dhia Jomaa (KLS)
Period: from Sep 2014 to Sep 2017
Funding: Research contract with KLS logistics (CIFRE)

  • Rawaa Ghrida

Topic: Green supply chain management under uncertainties
Supervisors: Imen Nouira (R-SCOM, ESC Rennes), Yannick Frein (G-SCOP, Grenoble INP), and Atidel B. Hadj-Alouane (OASIS, ENI Tunis)
Period: from Nov 2014 to Nov 2017
Funding: CMCU project

  • Le Hoang Linh

Topic: Evidence-based and Data-Driven Approaches to Enterprise Risk Management
Supervisors: Bouchaib Bahli (R-SCOM, ESC Rennes)
Period: from Oct 2014 to Oct 2017
Funding: Seld-funded


Publications (Only academic journals)



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