Student life -3 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Come to Rennes for Your Studies

3 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Come to Rennes for Your Studies

Rennes is the 2nd most attractive city in France for students and this is why.

Choosing Rennes allows you to save money while studying


A dynamic and growing area

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Rennes, a midsized city in the heart of Brittany is renowned for its culture, young spirit and innovative digital industries. It is not only a very welcoming place for students, but also for entrepreneurs, researchers and just anyone who likes vibrant and elegant ambiance.

Rennes has pioneered the idea of urban well-being and has successfully managed to create a real synergy between higher education, research centres, businesses and the associative world. The Rennes metropolitan area is home to 444,000 inhabitants and has one of the lowest unemployment rates in France. It is the second fastest growing city in France, with 80,000 new inhabitants over the past twenty years.


City of Rennes

City of Rennes




Rennes, where students and culture meet

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Rennes’ population is particularly young as 60% of inhabitants are under forty years old. Every year, 65,000 students (including 6,000 foreign students) come to study in one of the universities or post-grad schools such as Rennes School of Business. It is considered to be the second most attractive city in France for students, in terms of education, student life, environment, and jobs.

People in Rennes like to go out and take part in the many cultural events organised throughout the year in the city, whether it is about music, sports, theater, arts, environment or solidarity. At least four of theses events have a national and even international reach, namely the Biennial of Contemporary Art, the Transmusicales, the Tombées de la Nuit and Mythos.



Transmusicales © Nico M

The Transmusicales music festival © Nico M



An affordable city with good infrastructure

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The Rennes metropolitan area benefits from excellent infrastructure. In 2002 it became the smallest town in the world to have an underground subway service. A second line is currently under construction, enabling passengers to commute across the city in about 25 minutes.

It is also important to point out that the general cost of living, especially rent and transportation is much lower in Rennes than in Paris. As a student, choosing Rennes allows you to save money while studying, meaning that you can enjoy the students’ life at an affordable price.


Source : French Tech Rennes St Malo