Student life -Quick Chat With… Cécile, MSc Student

Quick Chat With… Cécile, MSc Student

What is Rennes School of Business like? Let’s just ask our students.

Today we asked a few questions to Cécile Guermont, a French student who is currently graduating in the MSc in International Marketing at Rennes School of Business. Before that, she successfully completed our International Bachelor in Management Programme.

It helped me grow personally and professionally


Hello Cécile, how would you describe your experience at Rennes School of Business, in a few words?

It was a good experience. Very eclectic and interesting. It helped me grow personally and professionally.


And now, 3 things you like the most about your school?

First, I like the fact that most of the students are foreigners. Secondly, I really appreciate that we have to work a lot in groups. And thirdly, I like that most of our teachers are professionals with experience in big companies.


Why would you recommend Rennes SB to other students?

I would recommend Rennes SB because it shows how it is to work in teams with different cultures and characters. Moreover, the school allows us to have professional experience abroad and in different business sectors.


Teacher and students

90% of Rennes School of Business faculty is international