Student life -Indian student demonstrates choice for school of excellence

Indian student demonstrates choice for school of excellence

Rich testimony of the experience of an Indian student who chose excellence with Rennes School of Business.

Divyanshi Dangayach is a graduate in Bachelor of Mass Media from Mumbai and is currently pursuing MSc. International Luxury & Brand Management.

What made you choose Rennes School of Business?

“Rennes School of Business is one of the most premier business schools in Europe with a high ranking and triple accreditation. After doing my research for about a year, I chose Rennes SB for my higher studies as the programme MSc. International Luxury and Brand Management focused on Luxury as a whole, giving its students an overall exposure of the brands in whole and not just fashion brands.”

How has the university been able to assist you?

“The school has been efficacious since the very start. From the admission procedures to the time I arrived, the school facilitated me with several accommodations like visa, pick up from the airport and station etc. The administration was very helpful whenever I approached them for any problem. The school guided us completely throughout the year. I strongly recommend Rennes School of Business to students who want to learn, enjoy the international culture, study the French way and live the French life.”

How would you describe the campus life?

“There are lots of interesting student associations as well – 26, to be precise – that students can join and further enhance their skills. With variety of associations available for students to join, meet people, begin their networking and develop various other skills, the students can have an overall development of oneself. There is never a dull moment at school. RSB turned into my second home. The school is committed to make us feel comfortable and confident. For all your fitness and sports fanatics out there, there is a basketball court on campus and a fully equipped gym that you can use to your heart’s content.

The school has a tremendous international feel to it. Every year there are international festivals organized wherein students represent their own country and we get to learn about many cultures as well. With students from all over the world and with most professors – almost as much as 90% – being foreign nationals, the vibe around the campus is truly multicultural and global. So, while one gets to experience the authentic French culture in Rennes, the experience on campus prepares us for the globalized world of business. As for the campus itself, it is a big, extensive and sprawling with 4 buildings.”

Describe any extracurricular activities you were a part of?

“I was a Student Ambassador of Highered EFMD Career Services during my studies. I promoted job and internship opportunities in and outside school and learned how to do social media and offline promotions as a student. And I was also a part of Team Admissibles in Rennes SB.”

How is the faculty & learning process?

“I am grateful to the faculty of the school who have given us in-depth knowledge of the subjects and provided us with enough material to study and learn. The faculty is always available and therefore each student can get answers to all their queries easily. All the subjects are given equal attention and the importance of each one of them stays intact. Professors provide us with real world problems which challenges us to think critically and contemplate during the process.

Overall, the school has been a driving force in the development of my personality, my approach towards things and most importantly, refining me as a person. I was able to equip myself with essential skills during the sessions aimed to instill leadership, time management, teamwork and communication. I gained tremendous knowledge about various facets of luxury brands, international strategies, corporate developments and marketing etc.”

What surprised you in the classroom as well as in general life in France?

“Back in India while I was learning French, I always use to think about the people in France, how would they be and everything. The biggest surprise to me when I started attending classes was, that the French students were super nice and welcoming, they helped us a lot and we all use to talk and work together.”

French culture is not very well known in India. What do you think Indian students should know about studying in France?

“The French schools, faculty, students and the campuses are something which we as Indians should experience because it is very different from India as well as other English-speaking countries. We get to learn a new language and see the type of culture; we have never seen before.”

As a foreign student, what has your experience of both lockdown and post-lockdown period in France been?

“My experience has been great in all. The school was helpful during both lockdown and post-lockdown.”

In your opinion, what are France’s main strengths to deal with the co-vid crisis?

“I believe France’s main strength was the government that made rules for the public and the people who were willing to compromise on everything in order to slower down the rate of patients in the country. Everyone was calm and patient during the process.”

Any comments you would like to further share?

“All in all, the experience at RSB is one that is richly fulfilling and I, for one, consider myself greatly fortunate to be a part of this most magnificent and prestigious business school.”