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Student life -Kayange, French student from Tanzania, has integrated the Bachelor program 100% in English at Rennes SB

Kayange, French student from Tanzania, has integrated the Bachelor program 100% in English at Rennes SB

Kayange Bervas, 1st year IBPM student in the Track 100% in english, talks about his experience.

Resolutely international, Rennes SB facilitates the integration of French students abroad by offering entrance examination sessions directly in schools abroad. Kayange has decided to join the Postbac Program (IBPM) 100% in English after passing the Rennes SB entrance exams for foreign student at his school.

He has just returned to his former school – the French High School in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – to talk about the Bachelor’s degree to young people seeking guidance.

Why did you choose to do a Bachelor Degree (IBPM)?

Graduated from the French High School of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, I decided to join the International Bachelor Program in Management of Rennes School of Business because I wanted to make a career in business and to work abroad.

Why at Rennes School of Business?

I passed the entrance exam directly from my school in Tanzania, which included an interview and two written tests. I’m happy to be back there to share my experience in Rennes with the high school students and my former teachers.

What do you like about the Bachelor program at the moment?

Since January 3rd, I’m in a two-month internship in an area that attracts me because it’s a passion: kitesurfing. After only a year and 4 months of course, I will already have a professional experience and more importantly, be able to refine my career project!

I will then go back to class in the IBPM Track 100% English, which allows me to practice and improve my English, but also to learn more about the world and different cultures thanks to my classmates and teachers from 4 corners of the globe.