Student life -Panaya, MSc alumni, intern at the biggest hotel reservation company of Asia

Panaya, MSc alumni, intern at the biggest hotel reservation company of Asia

As an holder of an engineering degree, Panaya Charoenratsamee explains us why she chose Rennes School of Business and the MSc “to be a successful woman”. She also tells us more about her internship at Agoda, the biggest hotel reservation service in Asia…

Panaya Charoenratsamee, whom everyone calls “Mimick”, is from Thailand, “the country that known as the ‘Tom Yum Koong’ famous food here”. She was studying in MSc in Digital Marketing and Communication in 2017 at Rennes School of Business. She is now in internship as data analyst at Agoda and tells us more about her experience…


Look for “something more practical in a real working life”

I graduated from the Computer Engineering department at the university in Thailand with the BE’s degree. This is the beginning of my professional life in computer science, the start of me becoming an ‘IT girl’ !

I know you guys have a question : ‘Why did not I choose a Engineering Master or a field related to my engineering studies ? I’m interested in something more practical in a real working life and I wanted to be an accomplished woman in my career.

Having a career isn’t only being smart : you need to have knowledges of a number of areas, including in the business world. Those who work in a science field think it’s not necessary. But in my opinion, if you want to step out of the lab and to be a sought-after profile on the job market, you should really pay attention to it.


To gain more experience

According to my major in Master’s degree, i had the chance to get an internship at Agoda. Agoda is the biggest hotel reservation service in Asia and a subsidiary of the Priceline Group which also owns Luckily, the headquarter office of Agoda is in Bangkok, Thailand. This provides me with to multiply the chances of staying in touch with new friends, fellow workers and senior colleagues after my internship.

I chose Agoda because it’s a data-driven company. I work as a Data Analyst and Project Manager at CEG (Customer Experience Group). The company gives me an opportunity to work in two areas of expertise both to gain more experience.


How an MSc can help you in business

It’s hard to explain how the Rennes SB courses are helpful in a real work life because courses develop me into… a better person ! Self-confidence, better explainer and speaker, updated business way of thinking and lots of things that i can’t explain by words !

For an example of a knowledgeable weapon that Rennes SB have armed me : developing an online service to satisfy customers. Focusing on CRM (customer relationship management), gives everyone across the business, including sales, customer service, marketing, and business development, a better way to manage the customer relationships and interactions that drive success. With visibility and easy access to a service, such as product information, sales opportunities, service issues, and marketing campaigns. A user-friendly interface, clear and pleasant photos attract and interest customers. This is basically what Rennes SB taught me if we could summarize this in a few words. But if you want to experiment for yourself, it’s best to join Rennes School of Business !


(Interview done in june 2018)