Student life -A new partnership with the Brittany Crous to help students access food and mental health support

A new partnership with the Brittany Crous to help students access food and mental health support

A grant of €10,000 will be paid to Rennes School of Business in the context of a new partnership with the Regional Centre for University and School Work (Crous) in Rennes-Brittany, dedicated to supporting students with food and mental health.

Students are among the populations who have been most affected by the global Covid-19 pandemic. Faced with a scarcity of student job offers and internships, the number of students in situations of financial insecurity has increased over the last year, exacerbated by a high level of social isolation, factors that put a strain on student’s mental health.

At the beginning of 2021, the Regional Council of Brittany voted for a €1 million budget for higher education establishments, in order to help alleviate students in situations of insecurity. The management of this fund has been entrusted to the Centre for University and School Work (Crous) for the Rennes-Brittany region.

The financial participation of the local government in the Brittany Region has been validated to support Rennes School of Business within the framework of the project entitled “food aid and mental health”. The Rennes-Brittany Crous establishment will pay the grant of 10 000 € to Rennes School of Business on behalf of the Region. This support will benefit all Rennes SB students, both French and international populations, in all of the programmes (bachelor and master). The aid will enable the School to respond to the growing demand for support and guidance.

In addition to this financial aid, a team dedicated to student support – called Feel Good – works closely with all of the school’s departments to identify students who are in difficulty and implement an appropriate action plan.

Well-being and the student experience are at the heart of Rennes SB’s strategy and approach. Notably, we have set up the new Feel Good programme, dedicated to supporting our students so that they can enjoy their studies, whilst encouraging their personal and professional development. Thanks to this grant from the Brittany Region, we will be able to strengthen this system through targeted actions“, explains Pauline Bébin, head of student well-being at Rennes School of Business.

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