Student life -Explore the World: MSc students kick the year off with a series of ice-breaker activities

Explore the World: MSc students kick the year off with a series of ice-breaker activities

To kick off the new school year, over 750 MSc students of 40 nationalities participated in an Orientation Week, during which they met their peers, explored the school and discovered new cultures, all from the comfort of the Rennes School of Business campus in Rennes.

40 nationalities represented

The group of 750 master’s students who arrived for the start of the 2022-2023 school year on the Rennes campus includes students of 40 different nationalities!
The international identity of Rennes School of Business is one of the things that makes it so unique. With 55% international students* and 95% international professors, the entire Rennes SB community lives an international experience every day on the school’s campuses.
In order to help these students to discover the school and the city of Rennes, meet their peers with whom they will complete their studies and start to feel settled in their new surroundings, an MSc Orientation Week takes place in mid-September.

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The MSc Orientation Week aims to:

  • build team spirit among students
  • encourage synergy with the MSc January 2022 intake students
  • create a sense of belonging within the Rennes School of Business Alumni community

Guillaume Carpentier from WaveMeUp & Johanna Morillon, a Coach and Intercultural Expert, along with a team of facilitators, were present to accompany the students on an ‘Unframed thinking’ learning journey!

Among the main themes of the week, students were asked to consider:  

  • What does it mean to communicate across cultures?
  • How do different cultures manage their emotions?
  • How is time perceived across cultures?

Explore the World with Rennes SB

During their Orientation Week, the students participated in a two-day event called ‘Explore the World’.
During these two days, “create a synergy” workshops were organised with the following motto “No computer, but a pen” with the aim of giving students an opportunity to get to know each other, to create friendships but also to take advantage of the opportunity to learn about different cultures.
In an increasingly connected world, this was an opportunity for students to put down their smartphones to learn about different cultures first-hand with their peers.

 Feeling the culture shock? You’re not alone!