Student life -The International Fair 2022: students celebrate their cultures on campus!

The International Fair 2022: students celebrate their cultures on campus!

On 17 November 2022, the students of Rennes SB had the opportunity to come together and celebrate their respective cultures while learning more about their opportunities for international mobility during the annual International Fair!

The Rennes School of Business International Fair is an annual event with a double intention: to provide a dedicated moment for students to celebrate the diversity of cultures within the School community, all while learning more about the partner universities in which they might complete their Winter Session or international exchange.

The event is organised in close collaboration with the Well’Come student association, whose main mission is to welcome international students to the School and help them settle into life and their studies in France.


A day to share and discover cultures

With 90 nationalities on campus, a student body made up of 55%* international students and a Faculty of which 95% of professors come from abroad, students learn in an immersive multicultural environment each day on the School campus.

Even more so on the day of the International Fair; the School’s rue intérieure is decorated with a range of stands, set up under its emblematic palm trees, to represent the food, games and cultural specificities of different countries, either animated by students from the country, or students who completed their exchange at a partner university there.

To bring the day to an end, students organised a dance performance to showcase some national dances from different cultures around the world.


Learning about the opportunities for International Mobility at Rennes SB

One of the main driving forces behind the organisation of the International Fair is the opportunity for students to learn more about Rennes School of Business’ Partner Universities and the destinations that interest them for an international academic exchange or Winter Session abroad.

The School’s International Mobility team got 40 of its 350 partner universities involved in a series of conferences throughout the day: each conference was an opportunity for students to meet a speaker from the partner university and talk directly with him or her in order to learn more about the university and its programmes, but also about student life in each country.

See you in 2023 for the next edition!


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