Student life -See Rennes School of Business through the eyes of our international ambassadors

See Rennes School of Business through the eyes of our international ambassadors

Let a team of international students show you what it’s really like to study at Rennes School of Business!

As one of the most international business schools in France, Rennes School of Business counts a student population that is made up of 55% international students* and welcomes 90 different nationalities to its campuses in Rennes and Paris.

But moving to France for your studies is a big step! Perhaps you’re thinking about applying to Rennes School of Business, or maybe you’ve already been offered a place… either way you probably have a lot of questions about the School, the city of Rennes and student life in France.

What better way to discover life in France and the practicalities of starting a new programme at an international business school than through the eyes of a team of motivated international student ambassadors?

Take me to Rennes SB is a team of students from different programmes and countries whose mission is to make sure that prospective students get a real idea of what it’s like to study at the school, and that they can find relevant information as they prepare for, or consider, pursuing their studies at Rennes School of Business.

The team of Take me to Rennes SB ambassadors have a range of responsibilities such as:

  • Showing prospective students, particularly those from abroad, what their daily life consists of as a student at the School.
  • Sharing information about events and activities happening in the university or in the cities of Rennes and Paris through creative and informative online content on different social networks
  • Participating in activities such as online tours of the campus, presence at the School’s Open Days and Q&A sessions with new or potential students.

In Rennes:

Isamar Nungary


MSc in International Negotiation and Business Development

I discovered Rennes School of Business by accident while I was trying to find schools to study abroad on my school’s website. When I realised the affordability of the programme and how easy it was to transfer and obtain my bachelor’s degree in less time, I felt it was an excellent opportunity. Rennes School of Business allowed me to combine my passion for French language and business. In essence, for me, going to Rennes School of Business was like Harry Potter going to “Hogwarts”. Since last year I’ve been working with the Business Development team to increase our brand presence in North America. This year I wanted to continue to make an impact by helping students learn about our school, so I applied for the Take Me to Rennes Ambassador role and was awarded the role. I am always happy to share tips and be at students’ disposal to answer any questions.


Millicent Azuka – Nigeria

MSc in International Human Resource Management

My name is Millicent Azuka and I am a master’s student at Rennes School of Business studying International Human Resource Management.

I took an interest in this role because I would love to promote Rennes SB to aspiring students in my country and Africans in general so they can explore exciting opportunities accompanied by quality education and the beautiful culture of the city of Rennes.

This role is important to me because it gives me the huge opportunity and platform to showcase the beauty and excellence of a highly esteemed school while helping students integrate into a culture of unframed thinking.


Raina Varghese


MSc in Strategic & Digital Marketing

“I chose to apply to become an international student ambassador because I was looking to challenge myself.

As I’m quite shy and generally quiet and I hoped that by becoming an ambassador I would be able to help other students like me who may be anxious about reaching out.

 I was also looking forward to using my design skills to help the team make engaging social media posts and the chance to work with peers from international backgrounds and make more friends was exciting as well. It’s been a fun and very enriching experience and I’m very grateful for the opportunity!”


Hao Wang


Master in Management 

I have been a follower of Take Me to Rennes SB since the beginning of my study-abroad journey. It helped me a lot by sharing information about the application process, student life, housing, etc. Being selected as the ambassador after a few interviews, I feel excited that now is the time for me to help the upcoming students with everything they need at Rennes School of Business.

It is of great importance that the students have an accessible way to know what kind of life they are going to have on campus. As a team of ambassadors, we act as a window into the life of an international student and display what is going on across our wonderful campuses and the amazing cities of Rennes and Paris.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to RSB!


Fabiola Mendoza Garcia


MSc in Data and Business Analytics 

My name is Fabiola Mendoza García, I am from Mexico City and I’m really proud to be part of the ambassador team for this term. This opportunity has been important because as an international student I was given the chance to express what I think and represent the considerable Latino community at Rennes SB, which is an honour.

It is important to make everybody feel welcome in the school in order to feel really comfortable and study in an environment that embraces all of what we represent, so a platform in which students can share their day-to-day experiences can definitely offer what I mentioned. I hope that my participation in the project  is of substance and that everyone enjoys the content we have prepared for you.


Aura Alam Shafira


Bachelor in Management

I’m currently pursuing my marketing double degree with the Bachelor in Management at Rennes SB. I love aviation and travelling, and I’m interested in mental health. Welcome to Rennes School of Business!”


In Paris:

Adam Meliani


MSc in International Finance (Paris campus)

“I decided to apply for the Take me to Rennes SB team because I loved the concept of the Instagram account to help international students coming to the school. I know how it feels going through the process of leaving for another country to study in. It’s a massive step in one’s life, but it is 100% worth doing. Luckily, Rennes School of Business has this account to help international students with any questions they may have, and show them the insides and outs of the school. I am very thankful to say I am a part of this team to serve this mission of the school.”


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them on Instagram!

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