Student life -The Eiffel scholarship: financing your studies in France as an international student is possible.

The Eiffel scholarship: financing your studies in France as an international student is possible.

As a young international student, there are different options available to you to help you finance your studies abroad, in France. Hear more from Valeria and Jamilya, two international students at Rennes SB who were recently accepted to the Eiffel Scholarship program.

It can be intimidating for young international students to consider the possibility of studying abroad, with finding ways to finance their course often being the main obstacle. However, different solutions exist to enable international students to pursue their dream of studying overseas.

The Eiffel scholarship program, set up by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, enables international students to come and study in France and benefit from the courses offered by the leading French schools.

This year, two students from Rennes School of Business have been able to benefit from this scholarship program.

Valeria from Quito, Ecuador
MSc in Sports & Tourism Management

I am grateful for the opportunity of being nominated by Rennes School of Business to participate in the Eiffel Scholarship programme and have been one of the few candidates selected.

For instance, now I can finance the MSc in Sports and Tourism Management in the school of my dreams. I am honoured to finally belong to one of the top schools in France because I will access the best education and specialise in the sports industry. As well, I will have the opportunity to participate in internships with recognised partners of the school, enabling me to develop my professional skills. I think this will be one of the best experiences of my life. Not only that, I will discover new cultures because the Rennes SB community is mostly international, but I can also display my Ecuadorian roots. This is for sure a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will allow me to grow professionally and personally while making long-term friends and traveling around the world. Thank you, Rennes School of Business, for helping me accomplish my dreams.

Jamilya from Astana, Kazakhstan
MSc in Data & Business Analytics

I am sincerely honored to receive the scholarship to study within the walls of Rennes School of Business to obtain my MSc in Data & Business Analytics. Pursuing my academic and career goals with this international master’s degree in France is a personal dream come true and a life-changing opportunity for me. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my dear coordinator who helped me apply for the Eiffel Scholarship. I am excited about this next chapter of my academic journey and look forward to the knowledge and experiences that await me at Rennes School of Business!”

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