Student life -Prodigy Finance: a way to fund your international master’s degree at Rennes School of Business

Prodigy Finance: a way to fund your international master’s degree at Rennes School of Business

Rennes School of Business is now accredited for its students to receive funding from Prodigy Finance, a solution in partnership with a community of investors who help students to finance their studies based on their future earning potential.

Broadening access to education for international students

Financing your studies can be a complicated topic, but different solutions exist to help you pursue your degree and study abroad.

Prodigy Finance aims to broaden access to education for international students through loans that don’t require a co-signer. Students are assessed based on their future earning potential and can apply for variable interest rate loans to help them self-fund their studies and pursue their dream careers.

You are eligible to apply for a loan with Prodigy Finance if:

  • You plan to study abroad
  • You want to study at an institution supported by Prodigy Finance
  • You come from a country or state that is supported by Prodigy Finance

How it works:

  1. Students register on the Prodigy Finance website, provide information about their study plans, and receive a customised quote.
  2. If they choose to accept the quote, students will then upload the necessary documents and join the waitlist.
  3. Prodigy Finance will look to match your request for a loan with the funds available within their community of investors. The student is notified that their loan has been accepted and will receive an official letter to use when applying for their visa to study abroad.
  4. The student signs for the loan and the funds are sent directly to the school, meaning there’s no need to worry about making international transfers.
  5. The repayment plan begins 6 months after the student’s classes end, if they are studying full-time, meaning the student is able to focus on getting their degree and landing their dream job!

    Source: Prodigy Finance

The following programmes are eligible for Prodigy funding at Rennes School of Business:

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