Student life -Quick Chat With… Aakriti, Indian Exchange Student

Quick Chat With… Aakriti, Indian Exchange Student

What is Rennes School of Business like? Let’s just ask our students.

Today we interviewed Aakriti Mittal, an Indian exchange student from Institute of Management Technology in Hyderabad, India. She is currently completing an MBA in Corporate Finance at Rennes School of Business.

You can enjoy both pleasant academic conditions and a rich cultural environment


Hello Aakriti, can you start with telling us why you chose to study in France?

I always wanted to come to Europe, so studying in France happened to be a very good opportunity for me. Plus, I also heard a lot about French culture and their good education.


And now, three reasons why you recommend Rennes School of Business?

  • This school is accredited by three international institutions: EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA, which are very old and popular associations.
  • Teachers here in RSB are very competent and open for discussions during the courses.
  • In Rennes School of Business, you are provided with every kind of educational sources. For example, RSB gave me the opportunity to learn to use the Bloomberg terminal, a very important tool in finance.
Students Bloomberg Terminal

Students using the Bloomberg Terminal


What do you like most about your experience here?

I made a lot of friends and have many good memories here in RSB. Teachers are very friendly and they are always available if you have any query or problem. It’s an open environment and you are free to share your views. There are many cultural events happening so you can enjoy both pleasant academic conditions and a rich cultural environment.

Can you give us three reasons why RSB stands out?

  • 50% of the students here are international students so the environment is really multicultural.
  • The school has different career portals where you can find various opportunities to get an internship and even find your future job.
  • Rennes School of Business  is a very prestigious  management school in France and every kind of educational sources and tools like Bloomberg terminal are provided.


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