Student life -Quick Chat With… Anne, 3rd Year Bachelor Student

Quick Chat With… Anne, 3rd Year Bachelor Student

What is Rennes School of Business like? Let’s just ask our students.

Today we interviewed Anne Bienvenu, a French student in her third year of International Bachelor Programme in Management (IBPM) at Rennes School of Business.

 Rennes School of Business gives us the opportunity to keep in touch with Alumni


Hello Anne, can you start with telling us 3 things you like about Rennes School of Business?

  • The diversity of cultures. In Rennes School of Business, I met students and teachers from all around the world with different cultures, different ways of life, different religions… Each student from RSB has the opportunity to learn from these cultures and be able to face differences. Having international students around helps growing acceptance and diminishing discrimination and racism. Rennes School of Business insists on the fact that we are all “citizens of the world”.
  • The Rennes School of Business Network. The school helps students finding internships and first jobs thanks to its network. With actions such as job dating, RSB gives us the opportunity to keep in touch with Alumni, to meet entrepreneurs and CIOs from multinational companies. Consequently, it really facilitates recruitment. In my case, I got internships at Ikea and Société Générale.
  • The environment and the atmosphere. The school is modern and it is a pleasure to come every morning and study in these conditions. Moreover, the atmosphere within the school and among students is great thanks to the general good mood and the student events.
Alumni Day

Students exchanging with Alumni, during Alumni Day in February 2017


And now, 3 reasons why you recommend the school:

  • Teacher and lecturers in IBPM are from all around the world: 90% of them are international. They come with different backgrounds and experiences and it is very interesting and enriching. Some of them really impressed me with their CV: they worked in big multinationals and had a great career. They are also really professional.
  • I also recommend my program IBPM because you have the opportunity to study and live abroad. For instance, I went to Austria for a semester and it was one of the best experiences of my life.
  • Thanks to my Erasmus semester but also because all the classes are taught in English, I really improved my English skills. Nowadays, especially in business, it is essential to speak English fluently. It opens many doors.


Which aspect of Rennes School of Business do you like the most?

In a few words: I am feeling good at Rennes School of Business. The school is like a second home. Therefore, I will continue studying in this school and will follow the MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I also want to invest myself much more than I am this day, by being a RSB monitor for future students.




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