Student life -Quick Chat With… Léa, 1st Year Student

Quick Chat With… Léa, 1st Year Student

What is Rennes School of Business like? Let’s just ask our students.

Today we interviewed Léa Lemaire, a French student in her first year of Programme Grande Ecole (or Master in Management) at Rennes School of Business.

Here, it feels like home, it’s like a small town


Hello Léa, can you start with telling us 3 things you like about Rennes School of Business?

  • I particularly like all the events which are organized by our student associations.
  • The international students are very open-minded.
  • I love the school’s general atmosphere.

And now, 3 reasons why you recommend the school:

  • Most of the courses are taught in English.
  • We have many opportunities for exchange semesters in the 260 partner universities.
  • Here, professors come from all over the world!

Which aspect of RSB do you like the most?

Here, it feels like home, it’s like a small town 🙂


Rennes School of Business' palm trees

Rennes School of Business’ main Campus