Student life -Quick chat with… Sarit, Panaya and Koonlarat, MSc Students

Quick chat with… Sarit, Panaya and Koonlarat, MSc Students

What is Rennes School of Business like? Let’s just ask our students.

Last week we met with three students from ThailandSarit (MSc in International Marketing), Panaya (MSc in Digital Marketing and Communication) and Koonlarat (MSc in Global Business Management). They arrived at Rennes SB in September and already have found their place in the big international family that the school is. They answered a few questions about the school and their personal point of view.

 When I arrived in Rennes, two students picked me up, I felt very welcomed


Sarit in Pontrieux, Brittany

First, we would like to know: what did you choose to study at Rennes SB?

Koonlarat: A Thai friend of mine was an exchange student here and she told me that it was a good school. You can meet foreigner friends and really participate in class because you have smaller classes, it’s really nice.

Panaya: I heard about Rennes SB in an education fair in Thailand and thought, “wow it looks pretty cool”. I also saw that the school ranked 35 in the FT Masters in Management ranking.

Panaya in Paris

Panaya in Paris


Can you tell us about your first days in school?

Sarit: When I arrived in Rennes, two French students from the Well’come team picked me up, so I felt very welcomed. They brought me to the school to do basic registration, and then they took me to my apartment near the campus. The following week I took part in many integration events and other activities organized by the students like barbecue parties. It gave me the chance to get to know other students from many nationalities.


What do you think about Rennes?

Koonlarat: Rennes is a mid-sized city and is the main city of the Brittany region. I saw that there are almost 60 000 students here! It is good for education (with its universities and schools) and has good transportation (metro & bus). Also, it’s very convenient to travel to the seaside in Brittany with trains and buses.

Koonlarat in Saint Malo, near Rennes

Koonlarat in Saint Malo, near Rennes


What do you expect from this year?

Panaya: I expect to have more experience and knowledge about the business world because I graduated from an engineering diploma and it is interesting to mix both.

Sarit : I want to gain more experience, to improve my French, interact with international students and of course, graduate from this school! After that, I wish to find an internship in Europe.

Panaya & Koonlarat (left) and Sarit (front right)


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