Student life -Quick Chat With… Mohammed, MSc Student

Quick Chat With… Mohammed, MSc Student

What is Rennes School of Business like? Let’s just ask our students.

Today we asked a few questions to Mohammed Shihad KONDANATH, an Indian student who is graduating in the MSc in International Marketing at Rennes School of Business. He is now doing an internship to complete his Master.

The MSc International Marketing has excellent class activities and case studies

Hello Mohammed, can you tell us why you chose Rennes School of Business for your studies?

I have finished my bachelor degree in a Business School from the East of France. And by the time I was about to leave I was deeply in love with France. It’s just simply beautiful. And I had already decided that I would be returning to France for my Master. And this time I wanted to try the West of France and found Rennes SB!


Great choice 😉 Would you recommend the School to other students?

Yes, firstly for the international diversity. I would also say the practical learning: the MSc International Marketing had excellent class activities and case studies. And to finish, there is a friendly atmosphere in the school.


Why do you think it stands out, compared to other Business Schools?

There is a very good mix of international professors and students. Also, Rennes SB benefits from the Tripple accreditation which is shared with only 0.5% of Business Schools worldwide.


What do you like most about your experience with Rennes SB?

It gave me very good company contacts from different parts of the world. And that included both students and professors. It is very important for anybody’s career growth.


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