Student life -Rennes SB in the Top 25 U-Multirank rankings for its international mobility

Rennes SB in the Top 25 U-Multirank rankings for its international mobility

For the third consecutive year, U-Multirank has named Rennes School of Business among the Top 25 schools and universities around the world for its international mobility.

U-Multirank is an independent multi-criterion ranking which compares 1700 universities from around the world. In 2021, and for the third consecutive year, Rennes School of Business has been recognised among the Top 25 universities around the world for “student mobility”, a criterion which measures the opportunities for students to study and work around the world during their degree.

The ranking takes different criteria into account in order to compare the prospect for international mobility within the different schools and universities, and considers both incoming and outgoing students, giving a more well-rounded view.

International mobility at Rennes SB

Rennes School of Business’ international identity attracts students from all around the world. With 55% international students and 95% international Faculty, students are immersed in a multicultural, multilingual environment from their very first day at the School.

Throughout their studies, students have a range of opportunities to complete educational exchanges around the world and certain programmes can be completed as a double degree with one of the School’s many partner universities.

International mobility is present throughout the programmes, whether in the Bachelor or the Master in Management programme. It allows students to challenge their preconceptions, to invent new models of education and thus to undertake differently.

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