Student life -Rennes School of Business launches its new UMan project

Rennes School of Business launches its new UMan project

A project to help our students develop their current skills… and discover new ones!

A situation that isn’t always simple

We live and work in constantly changing conditions, in a situation that becomes more complex with each year, and particularly over recent months. At Rennes School of Business we listen to the queries, and sometimes the concerns, of our students and their parents.
Our programmes already provide students with valuable tools to address the complexity of their environment by developing their multidisciplinarity, multiculturality, responsibility and creativity, but at Rennes SB we always seek to go further in supporting our students.

“Unframed Thinking”

At Rennes School of Business, we consider that “Unframed Thinking” is the key to helping students develop their soft skills, hard skills and their capacity for personal growth, all of which are essential for adapting to the world of the future.
This is why, following a campaign in which we asked both students and parents how they felt, and after drawing inspiration from the moments we have shared with you this year, Rennes School of Business is launching the UMan project in order to develop existing support structures and to create new ones in terms of professional careers, the acquisition of emerging skills and the well-being and social connection of every person within the Rennes SB community.

The human touch

The UMan project is centred around supporting our students as they:

  • Gain confidence with which to project themselves and move forward with optimism,
  • Discover their values as they learn to respect themselves and others whilst having a positive impact on their environment,
  • Take a step back in order to make decisions, decipher daily life, solve problems and practice humility,
  • Take ownership of new forms of work through which to collaborate and manage,
  • Innovate through the activation of their individual talents,
  • Reveal what drives them so that they can build a network and commit to their path.

Through this initiative, the School supports its students through a human relationship, consistent with the pathways that lead to their graduation!
Stay tuned! More information to come!