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Student life -Quick Chat With… Marie, 1st Year Student

Quick Chat With… Marie, 1st Year Student

What is Rennes School of Business like? Let’s just ask our students.

Today we interviewed Marie Boivin, a French student in her first year of Programme Grande Ecole (or Master in Management) at Rennes School of Business.

There are plenty of student associations in the school


Hello Marie, can you start with telling us 3 things you like about Rennes School of Business?

  • I particularly like how the administration trusts us regarding the activities provided by the student associations.
  • The building is very pleasant, especially with its palm trees.
  • I love the school’s international approach!

And now, 3 reasons why you recommend the school:

  • There are plenty of student associations in the school (25 to be exact).
  • English is everywhere in the campus.
  • At Rennes School of Business, you can build a strong professional network.

Which aspect of RSB do you like the most?

The associations, because they can fit your taste and it’s a good way to start putting your knowledge into practice.


Student association Rennes SB

Student association at Rennes SB