Student life -Rennes School of Business in the Top 5 of the 2021 Speak & Act ranking of the Best School Experience

Rennes School of Business in the Top 5 of the 2021 Speak & Act ranking of the Best School Experience

A ranking of schools and universities in which students report the most positive student experience

Rennes School of Business has been recognised in 5th place of the recent Speak & Act ranking of the Best School Experience in 2021, allowing the School to obtain the label of “Best School Experience – Happiness Barometer.” This ranking, which includes over 150 Management Schools and universities is directly based on the responses from students in all programmes, which are collected during an anonymous survey.

In order to help students to identify schools and employers with a great environment, thus increasing the quality of student life, Speak & Act created its “Best School Experience – Happiness Barometer” in order to allow students to give real feedback on their experience. The information collected is then used to create the Speak & Act ranking of the Best School Experience.

In order to qualify for the “Best School Experience” label, at least 25% of students must respond to the survey in order to collect a wide range of impartial data.

Rennes School of Business places student well-being at the heart of its identity and has recently implemented its new “Feel Good” initiative, run and organised by the SENSe department (Student Experience, Network and Services) with the aim of providing the tools, support and resources that each student needs to expand and flourish in their daily life. Its principal values are Support – Listen – Act – Train – Advise – Inform.

What’s more, Rennes School of Business launched its new UMan project in December 2020 in order to develop existing support structures and to create new ones in terms of professional careers, the acquisition of emerging skills and the well-being and social connection of every person within the Rennes SB community.

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