Student life -Words From an Alumni: Deepak, MSc Graduate

Words From an Alumni: Deepak, MSc Graduate

Deepak Kumar is an Indian Alumni. After completing an MSc in Supply Chain Management, he found a job as an International Business Developer for a French wine company in Paris.

Studying here has taught me to be a global citizen and build a professional network

Deepak Kumar is a former student from India. In 2014, he completed an MSc in International Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Rennes School of Business. He is now working as an International Business Developer for a French wine company in Paris. Let’s hear about his experience as a student in the school, but also about his professional career start in France.

Hi Deepak, could you please tell us about the master you completed at Rennes School of Business?

The MSc in International Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management is an 18 months program with an internship period of 6 months. The program deals with the entire supply chain process including HR, Marketing and Finance.

Why did you choose to come to Rennes to study?

city of rennes

Rennes, an affordable mid-sized city in France

After high school, I was planning to do a Master’s degree in a European country as I was aware that Europe had vast business opportunities. As I took French as second language, I decided to go to France for my Master’s degree.
I chose Rennes School of Business because the course that I was looking for was offered by only two schools and Rennes SB had good grade level. And also the city of Rennes is a student city with many expats and the cost of living was also reasonable compared to other big cities.


How did you look and find your internship?

Before I answer this, I would like to thank the career development course that we had in our second semester. They taught us how to build a career network and use LinkedIn and other professional social media. There was practical session for interview and how to reply to the job offer in a professional way. I was active on the school’s job portal, LinkedIn and also other local internship websites. Rennes School of Business offered both Career development and French language course which were very helpful for me.

Another option is the Alumni Network Association, as our Alumni are working in all different kind of companies in France and abroad.


After your studies, you found a job/internship in France. Which company are you working for and what is your position?

After Studies, I found an internship in Winestar, a French wine company that sells wine in a can. During my internship, I was working with the warehouse and logistics department. After the internship, the company offered me a job as a Business Developer and I worked as a European and Asian B2b development and logistics coordinator. Since December 2015, I have been working as a Project Manager for India and am in charge of building our brand in India. Soon our product will be launched in the Indian Market. And I am also running my own trading company known as SIMCO INTL in Belgium from Feb-2016.

credit: winestar

Deepak is now Business Developer for Winestar


What was your experience after graduating?

I gained both personal and professional experience from Rennes, it has taught me how to be a global citizen and to build a professional network. I also met wonderful friends in Rennes and it was a great memorable year.

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