Student life -Words From an Alumni: Elizabeth, MSc Graduate

Words From an Alumni: Elizabeth, MSc Graduate

Elizabeth, Rennes SB Alumni, is now HR Digital Project Manager for Rexel in Paris.

I am an HR Digital Project Manager in Paris & responsible for the Digital Learning strategy worldwide

Elizabeth Villa Covarrubias is a former student from Mexico. In 2015, she completed an MSc in International Human Resources Management at Rennes School of Business. Let’s hear about her experience as a student in the school, but also about her professional career in France.


Hello Elizabeth! After your studies, you found an internship and a job in France. Can you tell us about it?

Yes! I found an internship in L’Oréal in Digital Learning. After this internship and my experience in Mexico in Yves Rocher, I found a job in Rexel, in Paris. I am now HR Digital Project Manager and am responsible for all the Digital Learning strategy and administration of the platform at a global level, animating all HR and sales teams training around the world!


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How did you manage to find this first internship? How did the Career Services help you?

Rennes SB helped me out with creating my CV, training for interviews and also trained me for the international context in which I am working today.


What do you like about your current job in France?

What I love about my job is that I am working at a global level so I have contact with people from all around the world: China, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Spain, Canada and USA. I had the opportunity to visit Rexel USA and Rexel Canada and I love this experience. One of the things that I love about France is that I can speak: English, French and Spanish in the same day and I am also starting to learn German.


Any advice for international students who wish to work in France?

French culture is not easy at first but it is beautiful. My big advice is if you want to have a great experience in France, you should learn French, which is vital for the “pause café” and to be truly involved in the culture.



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